The No B.S. Guide To The Perfect First Date

Today, I have a special presentation for you. It’s an interview I just did with Christian Hudson, legendary dating coach and creator of the “Girlfriend Activation System”. In the video below, Christian reveals many of his best kept secrets for getting a girl to chase you after your first date. So rather than trying to impress your date, you’ll discover how to… Continue reading

How To Pick Up Asian Women When You Don’t Speak The Same Language

This is a contribution from Sebastian Harris, the founder of The Global Seducer Community. He is a dating coach and a travel enthusiast who calls Bangkok his home base. While traveling all over Asia he has taught his honest and authentic way of seducing women to men from Bangkok to Singapore. Please welcome, Sebastian Harris…… Continue reading

Lift Brain Fog: Think Like an Alpha Male (Alpha Levo Review)

Nootropics—supplements that improve brain function—are hot right now. But not every company jumping on the bandwagon is peddling a legitimate product. I’ve tried quite a few nootropics over the past couple years. Some of them worked, some of them didn’t. Some of them made me feel great, some of them made me feel bad. Really,… Continue reading