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“Tripp took the time to get to know me. He is not like other dating coaches who will just speak to you in platitudes and offer nothing but cliché dating advice. In order to do his job, Tripp wanted to understand who I am, what I am looking for, what drives me, and what frightens me. Through this process… Read More!

“Tripp’s program has been transformational for me! His program is very well organized and structured to get you where you want to be. Tripp is an Excellent coach to have with you as you go through this journey.You should of seen me on my first day, my fashion was completely off, I was nervous, sweating, and had approach anxiety… Read More!

“Tripp’s advice on texting was huge for me. I’m definitely one to err on the side of texting more than less often when I first meet a girl. He helped me to be more restrained with just a touch of mystery while still being fun. It made a big difference. But best of all was his help in gaining the confidence to just walk over… Read More!

“When my relationship was on its last leg, I was completely swept up by the storm and unable to make sense of anything. Tripp was my savior – he helped me by providing an honest, rational perspective and giving me useful tactics to maintain composure and ultimately come out of it as a stronger, more confident person… Read More!

“Tripp is my go to for all things in the world of relationships. He has not only helped me with dating advice but also friend advice, as sometimes those relationships can be even more challenging. Tripp is sincere in all he offers and never disappoints… Read More!

“Tripp is down-to-earth and great at using his relatable personal experiences to teach anyone trying to improve their dating life… Read More!

“You have been SO helpful! I recently got out of what I thought was a serious relationship where my girlfriend, now ex, turned around and cheated on me–not kiss cheat, fuck cheat–with her ex-husband!! I was really down for a while, wanted to salvage the relationship, and that didn’t work! Then I found you. It’s been two weeks since we broke up… Read More!

“Tripp, first off, I appreciate all your help. Your program really made a change in me! Ive been in Kansas city this week. I went out here in the mall and college. I number closed just about every girl I met. Already went on two dates! I’m definitely going to take advantage of more of your services in the near future. You’ve been a great friend and… Read More!

“I’ve seen Tripp in action and his example alone is a lesson in how to deal with people in any situation. But when it comes to personal advice, Tripp treats you like an individual with your own life and desires. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. He cares about each and every person he meets, and more importantly, he knows… Read More!

“I took my first session with Tripp and am excited about taking the tools that I learned into the field solo (which I have been chickening out on for a long time). Tripp gave me some key rules of thumb when it comes to body language and what to do… Read More!
Saul, 34

“Thank you for all the tips, advice and confidence. I am still very much on a high and hope it never ends… Read More!

“DTAC has helped me with talking to women. The chatty cathy method has worked with not only women but random people in my day to day life. I would like to thank tripp, kyle and everyone on the forums for all the good advice… Read More!

“DTAC has helped me gain the confidence i need to go after the things i really want. I agree with claude on the chatty cathy thing, and it was eye opening to hear that other people were going through the same things as me. After i started to feel more normal, i felt better about myself and started to try . thanks dtac! you have a hit!… Read More!

“DTAC has ultimately given me confidence with easy to follow steps for dating. If I have a question about anything, I just check DTAC and you guys always have the answer. Thanks!… Read More!

Love & Dating Advice for Men

Is your love life a mess? Do you have trouble dating women? Are you simply looking for casual dates with women that you actually like? You’re in the right place! Welcome to TrippAdvice: your source for the best in dating advice for men. I give with dating advice for men and love advice for men. Dating and love can be complicated in the modern world if you’re not a pro, but have no fear! This website is designed to give single men the advice they need to meet, approach, attract, date and maybe fall in love with the woman of their dreams.
I have been giving dating advice for men and love advice for men for years, using my experience with numerous women to source my entire history of dating, love and attraction advice into multiple coaching programs. My advice has helped men of all types date women of the highest caliber, and subsequently gain confidence in their everyday lives. Some of my clients have even fallen in love. If it can happen to these men, it can surely happen to you.
Beware the standard dating programs for men. More often than not they insist on changing the real you. My coaching programs are designed to help you, as you are now, become your best asset. This dating program is not for men looking to manipulate women or become something they are not. Let’s face it – any worthwhile woman will see through all these tricks on the first date. Instead, the goal of TrippAdvice is for men to attract women into their life naturally. You won’t have to be something you’re not.
I’ll work with you on a one-on-one basis, offering advice on all the personal and unique bad dating habits and behaviors that are a roadblock to your having a successful love life. You will be getting real-life date coaching that you can put into practice today and use on your own the rest of your life. My advice is aimed to turn men into their “best selves”. When you are the best you can be while being totally confident in your own skin, women will know it – and I’ll help get you there.
This dating advice is meant for men who have trouble with confidence in their daily lives, men seeking love and relationships, men with approach anxiety, and men who want to be able to date the women they desire. If you are that man, you are not alone. You will find various articles, numerous videos and other great advice on this site to help your dating life.

First Date Advice for Men

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Should you call or text? I get this question a lot when I give first date advice for men. If you want to setup a first date, then it’s imperative you stay away from superficial contact. My advice, if you want your dating life to be successful, is to start planning your first dates on the phone. She is expecting you to call! Men get too carried away by all the advice they hear online about “text game”. Texting is for one thing only: logistics. To succeed in dating you don’t need to think too outside of the box. Keep dating simple. When you get her number, wait a day or two (no longer!) and give her a call. If she doesn’t pick up, always leave a voicemail. You never know if she’ll see you’re missed call. Take my advice and you’ll stick out over all the other men who’ve ever shown their interest in her by only texting. Never underestimate the power of your own voice.

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The first date is an adventure. Dating should be fun! Instead of dinner on a first date, do something creative. Dinner is boring. Pick a place either downtown or in the country where you can do something interesting. While many first dates are about getting to know each other, they are also about enjoying the time together. As you continue your dating journey, you will get to know cool places in your area – places like hiking spots, bars with tasty drinks, comedy clubs, and unique spots with naturally romantic activities that will take the pressure off you to be the entertainment on a first date. My advice is to experience as many spots as possible so you get to know the best ones, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Many men like dinner as a first date - and many men don’t get a second date.

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Dating & flirting. When you are on a first date pay attention to your body language, conversation and touch. This bit of advice will set you off on the right foot when trying to flirt successfully. Dating should be sexy. Women want men to make them feel desired and wanted. Let them know they look beautiful. Keep strong eye contact so that they know you’re paying attention. Touch her softly on her lower back when you lead her to the next location. On your next outing on your dating journey be sure to take this advice. It will secure her attraction to you and get you to date number 2. (which is what I’m sure you’re hoping for). Follow these rules, because this is some of the best first date advice for men on the web!

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