Here’s How You Can Have One Of The Best Dating Coaches In The World Personally Helping You Get Good With Women!

No More Struggling To Figure Everything Out Yourself. No More Wondering Why Women Disappear Without Telling You Why. Let Tripp’s Top Dating Coach Help You Finally Start Getting The Results With Women You Really Want!

Men From All Walks Of Life
Are Getting Insane Results With
Tripp’s New Coaching Program!

“I was about to turn 30 and felt like I had wasted the best years of my life. Over the course of a year, I slept with over 25 women. Then one day I met a beautiful girl and have been seeing her for nine months.” – Jason

“I was naturally shy and struggled to meet girls. I was skeptical (about the program) but took a leap of faith. Within the first 2 weeks my anxiety melted away and I was able to start a conversation with any woman.” – Brandon

“On the weekends I would just do stuff around the house. I was just too shy to have a personal life. Now I’m a lot more social and can hold a conversation with anyone. I’m currently dating two women, something I never imaged could happen.” – Zach

No Matter Where You’re Stuck With
Women, This Program Fixes It And
Gets You Results Fast!

If you’re tired of going out to socialize and going home feeling lonely and frustrated, then this is exactly what you need. Your looks, age and income don't matter. If you are a single man who wants the almost-magical ability to talk to beautiful women and make them want to date and sleep with you… then this is the best option for you.

You don’t need another e-book or YouTube video. You don’t need more information. What you need is expert guidance and coaching on how to remove the stuff inside you that’s getting in the way of your success with women. What you need is someone to hold your hand and show you how to apply proven techniques in your unique life situations.

That’s what this coaching program is all about. It’s not about information, it’s about transformation, and it's about you finally reaching the level of mastery with women in just a few short months.

It’s A Complete Program

Nothing is left to chance. You receive the exact steps that Spencer (Tripp’s head dating coach) uses to completely transform men into girlfriend magnets.

It’s a system that has already been proven to work for guys just like you.

Phase 1

Social Skills

Phase 2

Remove Mental Limitations

Phase 3

Activate Your Girlfriend Magnet

12 Weeks Of Step-By-Step
Training With One Of The Best Dating
Coaches In The World

Everything Tailored Specifically To You

One of the biggest mistakes dating coaches make is expecting their students to be just like them. That robs the student of their individuality and reinforces the idea that who they are isn’t good enough for women.

That’s total bullshit. You are absolutely good enough as you are right now. What we need to do is remove all the stuff that’s in the way of you expressing your best self to the women you meet. It’s like being in a car with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brakes. Once you take your foot of the brakes, you automatically start moving forward.

The Omega Man Coaching Program is geared toward your unique personality. Spencer shows you how to unlock the natural charisma that already exists in you. You may not have access to it right now, but you will once we begin working together. In fact, most students notice a huge improvement by the time they hit week 2 of the 12-week program.

How Omega Man Coaching Is Different


Other dating programs make you memorize a bunch of cheesy lines, routines, and stories that aren’t yours. It ends up making guys sound ridiculous. You’ll be communicating with women naturally and authentically.

Practice with real,
hot women every week
using video chat

Each week Spencer brings a hot girl onto the video chat, and gives you exercises to practice with her. Not only will you get real-time feedback from the girl, but Spencer will be coaching you the entire time during the interaction.

You don’t have to
become someone else to
attract women

We believe you’re great just as you are. We just need to remove the stuff that’s getting in the way of your natural charisma. Then talking to girls becomes easy.

Proven techniques
for eliminating fear
and anxiety

You already know the crippling effects of approach anxiety. Spencer has a method that melts away the anxiety so you can take action. No more approach anxiety robbing you of countless opportunities with beautiful women.

Expert feedback on sticking points and problem areas

If you’ve ever had women leave you or stop returning calls and never telling you why, you know how much that hurts. Spencer will shed some light on what’s causing women to do this to you, and he’ll help you fix the problem at the root cause.

Celebrate Your Wins & Learn From Other Students

In addition to working one-on-one directly with Spencer, you also gain access to a private Facebook group just for students of the coaching program.

It’s a place for you to ask questions, share your struggles, brag about your wins, do some of the fun, video-based exercises, and bond with other guys going through the same process.

The Transformation You Get During The Program

Phase 1

Weeks 1-4

Social Skills

  • Learn Spencer’s proprietary tool that programs your brain to make talking to women easy. You’ll literally be able talk to women about any topic in any setting.
  • Melt the fear and anxiety you feel when talking to girls (especially during the initial approach).
  • Receive personalized feedback to help you improve your looks (without losing weight or changing anything about your body).
  • Women at your work and in your social circle will begin noticing the difference in how you carry yourself right away.
  • Spencer will put you through some powerful emotional regression work to remove your limiting beliefs with women.
  • Neutralize your fear of rejection so you can meet women anywhere without worry or self-doubt creeping in.
  • You’ll practice talking with a hot girl over video chat each week so you get comfortable with hot girls in the real world.
  • Gain confidence and relaxation in social situations that used to scare you.
  • Finally get to enjoy your social life!

Phase 2

Weeks 5-8

Remove Mental Limitations

  • Learn how to flip the attraction switches in her mind that make her think, “I have to be with this guy!”
  • You’ll start to have 3-4 girls hitting you up wondering what you’re doing tonight.
  • Girls will begin texting you at midnight to invite themselves over to “hang out”.
  • Your sexual energy will increase in a way that women can feel across the room.
  • You’ll feel your natural humor coming out.
  • Women will feel intrigued by you and they’ll be the ones asking you the questions.
  • Learn how to text a girl to keep her on the hook and stop her from ghosting you, flaking, or going silent.
  • Girls will start sending emphatic texts with emojis instead of one-word answers that start with lowercase letters (you know what I’m talking about here… the kind of messages where you can tell she doesn’t care… that’s not going to happen anymore).
  • Spencer helps you design your social media architecture so when girls look you up, they’ll be even more impressed and attracted to you.
  • You step into your masculinity big time, ramping up your own alpha male energy.
  • You’ll also notice that men start treating you with more respect and admiration as well.

Phase 3

Weeks 9-12

Activate Your Girlfriend Magnet

Getting girls is easy at this point, so now we focus on getting you the kind of girls you really want. It’s about getting the perfect girl for you! This phase is a self-discovery process on how to be the best man for your next girlfriend. Now we customize where and how you’re meeting girls (everything is customized to you personally).

In Phase 3, you learn how to become a ‘safecracker’. You see, when you want to open up a safe, it’s not about doing more work, it’s about knowing the right combination of numbers. The same thing applies to dating desirable women.

You don’t need to work harder. You need to know how to express yourself authentically in a way that’s attractive to that kind of woman. Different women respond to different combinations of things. So it’s not about trying harder. It’s about being smarter. You need to know where to look for those women. How to talk to them and express yourself, and so on.

That’s what phase 3 is all about.

And there’s so much more than this! We’re just scratching the surface of all the benefits you’ll receive from working with Spencer. In fact…

Listen To What Students Have To Say About This Program

“A year ago, I was too shy and nervous to approach girls. I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I’m talking to so many girls during this program and feel great about meeting new women in general. I’m not scared anymore.” – Sam

“I was going through life not knowing how to speak to women. Since starting the Omega Man Program, my dream has become reality. It’s only been three weeks and I’m going through a transformation that I couldn’t have imagined.” – Haider

“I was one of those guys who was able to get a date with a girl but then she would disappear and I never knew why. After working with Spencer, we broke this cycle and I reconnected with one of the girls who disappeared and turned her into my girlfriend.” - Zaman

Who this is for

Men who are sick of trying to figure this out on their own and getting nowhere.They want to finally start getting results.

Men who don’t want to become someone else in order to get high-quality women attracted to them.

Men who only want to learn from the best (so they don’t waste years of painful trial and error).

Men who recognize the value of high-quality, personalized coaching, and who are willing to invest the time and resources into themselves.

Men who recognize that this problem does not get better on its own. In fact, it gets worse as you get older and women become more experienced (and you don’t). This is for men who want to finally take hold of this area of their lives called women and dating.

Who this is not for

Guys who are lazy and want a system that does all the work for them without them going out and talking to women (sorry, that doesn’t exist).

Guys who want powerful techniques to use women, and ‘get even’ with women for rejecting them in the past. This program won’t work for them, because it requires you to be authentic and communicate the real you. This is not a plan for deceiving or tricking women into having sex with you.

Guys who would rather make women wrong for not wanting them instead of just making some changes and getting better results.

Guys who are convinced that women are the ones who should change, not them (even though they’re not getting any results with what they’re doing now).

Here’s What You Get If You’re Accepted Into The Program

12 weeks of personalized coaching with Spencer over video chat and through interactive Facebook posts and exercises.

How it works : You do a 1-on-1 call with Spencer once per month and once at the end of the program (total of 4 calls). But you’ll also be doing the weekly video chat with Spencer and the female guest he brings on. Plus you’ll be interacting with him throughout the week through the Facebook group. You’ll have LOTS of access to him during this program.

Weekly video lessons teaching you the important drills and techniques to practice

( it’s important to have them on video so you can watch over and over while you practice the skills ).

Lifetime access to the Omega Man Coaching Facebook Group

where you can ask questions, post your assignments, and connect with other men going through the same program.

Weekly live video chats with Spencer and his team

of hot girls for you to practice with.

Yes, I’m Ready To Apply For The Program!

(There are currently 3 spots available)

If you’ve read this far, then you can clearly see the value of what this can do for you. You’re tired of doing this alone, and you’re tired of things not working out with women, and them never telling you why. You’re ready to let go of the years of frustration, and finally start getting the results you always dreamed of.

Whether you want to have a ton of casual sex, a handful of girlfriends, or a loving relationship with one great girl… this program will transform you into the man who can have all of that and much more. You’re going to love going out and socializing, because you’ll be the guy that gets the attention and interest of attractive women, as well as the respect of other men.

If that sounds good to you, then click this link to apply for the program. If your application is accepted, Spencer will set up a private call with you to interview you and see if this is a good fit. If something inside of you is telling you to just go for it, then go ahead and fill out the application. You have nothing to lose and a whole new future with the opposite sex to gain.

The call with Spencer is educational and eye-opening. He’ll help you see where you’re stuck, why things haven’t been working, and what you can do about it. If that sounds good to you, then go ahead and fill out the application now.

Tripp Kramer

P.S. - If you’re on the fence, just ask yourself this question. What will happen if you do nothing? Three months from now, will your life with women be any different or better? I can tell you this, if you do nothing then the answer is no. It will look just like it did three months ago,and three months before that.

If you just take a chance on yourself and fill out the application, your entire life can be different just a few short months from now. Isn’t that what you want? Then go for it and fill out the application. You can do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost of the program?

A. The reason we don’t mention the cost on this page is simple. The guy who is shopping for solutions based on how much they cost will never succeed with women because he’s focused on the wrong thing. The real question is… how much is it already costing you every month to use methods of meeting women that get no results? I’m talking about cover charges at bars, online dating fees, paying for dates that lead nowhere, etc. The program is an investment, sure, but it’s also totally affordable if you’re serious about making some changes in this area of your life.

Q. Can you guarantee that this will work for me?

A. Not unless you can guarantee me that you’ll follow instructions, be humble, take the coaching, and get out there and practice. What I can guarantee you is this… I’m going to make it as easy as possible for you to succeed by only giving you guidance that is proven to work. And this program is tailored specifically to you, so you don’t have to worry about a one-size-fits-all solution that doesn’t take your uniqueness into account. Nobody can ethically guarantee that something like this will work, but I can promise you that, if you do the work, you will get results.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?

A. We can’t offer a guarantee on coaching, because of the amount of personal time Spencer has to put in with you. I will say this… if you’re already worried about a guarantee, then you should not apply for this program. Why? Because you’re already thinking about how you’re going to fail. This program is for guys who are sick of failing and want to start kicking ass and getting big results with attractive women who were previously out of their league.

Q. Do I have to be in the U.S.A. to be accepted?

A. Not at all. We have students from all over the world. The only caveat here is that the weekly video chats with the female guests are held at 9pm eastern time, so you’ll need to adjust for your time zone and make yourself available.

Q. I still have questions that aren’t answered here.

A. No problem. The best thing to do is fill out the application and write down your questions on the application. Then Spencer will answer them on the call with you.

Click this link to be taken to the application and start your journey toward becoming a girlfriend magnet.