How to Approach a Group of Girls: 4 Simple Tips

Sometimes the one you want isn’t alone and you must approach a group of girls. A lot of guys get intimidated walking up to a group of girls but you’ll find out from the following simple tips that it’s really not that hard. As long as you approach with confidence, then the rest will be simple. You just need a little practice.

Your Opening Line

Most guys don’t know what to say when they approach a group of girls. There’s one line that has worked wonders for me in the past. When you see a group, all you have to do is say the following line:

“Hey, you guys looked cool, I had to come over and say hi!” (smile)

This is fairly simple, right? Don’t forget to make sure your body language appears confident. If it isn’t, then this line or any other line for that matter, won’t work. Be relaxed through the whole conversation. If you’re not then the group will feel uncomfortable while you are around.

Of course, this isn’t the only line you can use when you approach a group of girls. Put that in your backup arsenal when you draw a blank. Other ideas for openers are situational (what someone is wearing, drinking, talking about, etc.) or super direct (telling them how adorable/cute they look). I would refrain from using the words “sexy,” “hot,” or “smokin’” when trying to compliment the group. You don’t want to label yourself as a “cat caller” or come off sleazy. I’ve seen guys do this a hundred times and it gets them nowhere. You must be the exception to all the other men out there.

Treat the Group as One

When you first approach a group of girls, it tends to get overwhelming talking to so many people. This usually causes guys to get nervous and therefore not approach. Here’s a tip: treat the group as one entity. When you talk to them, speak to everyone. Even if one girl asks you a question, answer it to the whole group and make eye contact with everyone. If they all start talking to you at once (this is a good sign) then tell them, “Whoa, ladies, one a time, I only have two ears.” It sounds cheesy, I know, but it gets a good laugh.

When you know which girl you’re interested in, then you can begin to bring her more into the conversation. Lightly tease her in front of her friends, but don’t pay too much attention to her in the beginning. Why? Because, it’s important to win her friends over before you start working on attracting your target. Smoothly transition into getting some one-on-one time with her where you can eventually get her number.

Don’t Leave Anyone Out

This tip is crucial. Whenever you approach a group of women it’s vital to keep everyone in the conversation. Your goal is to win over the group. Even one girl can ruin it, if she doesn’t get good vibes from you. This takes practice, because you have to stay very present within the conversation. Notice who is responding and who isn’t. Check out which girls are the talkers and which ones are the most shy. I should note this has nothing to do with your target girl. Don’t worry about her quite yet. First, get everyone involved and then you can transition later.

The girls who are not including themselves in conversation (the shy ones, the mean ones, the ones in a bad mood, etc.) should be focused on a little more than the others. When you’re asking questions to the group, make eye contact with those girls so they feel forced to answer. Involve them in the conversation as much as you can. You already have the attention of the others, so bring them in as well.

Increasing Attraction

Touching each individual woman in some (non-creepy) fashion will ensure you start to connect better with each one. This is called gaining rapport and is a technique used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It sounds crazy, but it works. When you touch someone lightly it creates a soothing effect, which makes him or her feel more comfortable and attracted to you. Some examples include touching a girl’s arm, hand, back of the elbow or knee. Use any excuse to throw in a touch.

If you want to make an even stronger impression, remember each one of their names when you are introduced. Using a girl’s name in conversation (especially when you first meet) also helps you build a rapport with them. They will feel like they know you since you are on a first name basis. This is not easy. It’s tough to even remember one girl’s name, let alone four! But, if you use a mnemonic device, then it can be done.

Here’s the trick: take your time when you get each girl’s name. Don’t rush! Listen to their name and look at their face. Now, create a wild story in your head with their name and face. The crazier, the better, because it will make you remember her name more. For example, if her name were Ashley, then I would picture ashes being dumped all over her face. Kind of dark, I know, but let’s be honest, who’s going to forget that? With this trick you’ll be remembering names in no time.

When you approach a group of girls, don’t be nervous. It’s not as hard as you think. The more you practice, the easier it will get. So start today!

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