How to Ask a Girl Out on Facebook

How to Ask a Girl Out on Facebook

If you want to ask a girl out on Facebook then it’s crucial you know the steps. Before we get into that I want you to understand how important it is to attract her first. If you meet a girl at a bar or party and have a quick interaction, it’s okay to go for the Facebook close. Sometimes, she will feel more comfortable giving that away than her number. Even though it’s a quick interaction make sure you leave it on a good note. When you do, the formula I’m about to discuss will guarantee you get her on a date!

Here’s the formula:


This is the sequence of messages that will go between you and your girl. Here’s a breakdown of each message.

Q1: This if your first message. Send this to her after you have become Facebook friends. Make sure you say something flirty and comment on something you talked about. The most important part is that you ASK A QUESTION (Q1). This garners a response from her which is what you want. You are conditioning her to respond to you instead of leaving it open ended and “hoping for the best”.


“Hey troublemaker! Great meeting you last night. You get home okay?”


“Wow last night got crazy. Where did you end up?”

R2: This is her response/message back to you. Most likely she will be answering your question and asking you something back. Either way you can respond with…

Q2: This is your second message. Play off of what she said and keep it FLIRTY. I can’t stress this enough, because you don’t want to end up in the friend zone!

R2: This is her second response back. If you have gotten to this point then it’s a good sign she is interested and now it’s time to go in for the kill…

C: Close! Ask her out on a date. Let her know you want to “take her out”. This implies that this is actually a DATE and not any kind of networking or friendship building.

If you want to successfully ask her out on Facebook then use this formula. Facebook is not the best place to get a date, but its’ worked for me many times in the past and can work for you. Let me know how it goes with a comment below!

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