How to Attract Girls on Halloween

Every year a wonderful holiday comes along where many society norms are broken. It’s a holiday that allows you to drink as much as you want no matter what day of the week, eat a bunch of sugary food, and dress half to three quarters naked if you’re so obliged. We’re talking about Halloween.

After my college years and living in Los Angeles (famous for it’s Halloween parties), I’ve learned the best ways to attract women on this special night. There are three tips I stand by and if you follow them, it will dramatically help you get the girls on this special night.

1. Your costume should be a combination of sexy and creative

She’s dressing sexy, why aren’t you? This is a night full of fantasy! She is dressed up as a slutty sleeping beauty, why aren’t you her Prince Charming? When you dress up, it’s important to have a balance of creativity and sexiness. Pick something that’s not too creepy looking (like a bloody mime) or something that’s covering you from head to toe (like Gay Robot). Sure these costumes might be unique or funny but they won’t help in attracting the ladies.

A few years back I did Joaquin Phoenix (in his slump years), which was a perfect combination of creative and sexy. Sure, maybe from the neck up I was a little rough, but girls were super into it and from the neck down I was in a nicely fitted suit and tie. Bingo. Try something that will make you look and feel awesome! I would love to hear some suggestions in the comments below.

2. Keep the topic of Halloween to a minimum in conversation

Halloween is the easiest night to approach women, because there are endless situational openers. All you have to do is mention anything about their costume, maybe do a little role-play in your character and you’re in. While that works in your benefit, continuous role-playing won’t help with deep attraction or making a solid connection. Make sure to get over that part quickly and start talking to her like it’s any other interaction. While she’s getting approached all night by a bunch of doofuses, she’ll remember the awesome connection she had with you. Make sure you flirt, show your intentions, crack some jokes, connect with her on multiple levels and get her number. Remember, don’t be too persistent with Halloween and costume conversations.

3. On this night, increase approaching

Halloween is a great night to meet a ton of new people. There is much more socializing on this night because of all the people out on the town. Take advantage of all the women that are breaking free of their shell and approach and connect with as many as you can! Get a few numbers from the ones that you are interested in. If you play your cards right and follow the previous two tips then it won’t be hard at all. After all, dating is a numbers game.

Note: Look them up on Facebook the day after. Halloween costumes tend to do a good job at masking our true physical identities. You may get a number from a girl who you go on a date with and find she’s not up to par on your physical attraction scale. Maybe she was wearing a mask or wig that covered up her face. Who knows? I hate to sound superficial, but let’s be honest for a second. If you’re trying to meet a girl you are attracted to emotionally and physically, then this step will be important for you AND her. Nobody wants to waste time. So, if you know you don’t want to go on a date with a girl you’re not attracted to, then check them out on Facebook before you make contact.

What are some other ideas you guys have for Halloween? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear ‘em.

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2 Comments for How to Attract Girls on Halloween

  1. Bumble Bee
    October 26, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    Last year, I went as a bumble bee on Halloween. The costume was cheap, but the ladies thought it was “totally adorable.” To add a bit more cuteness to the mix, I learned a bunch of silly bee jokes. Tripp is definitely correct about not staying with the whole costume shtick for too long. I noticed that if I told more than 2 of the jokes, the girls I was talking to started to look around the room and I had lost their attention. But one or two quick ones worked for a laugh. Then I moved on to other conversation.

  2. Jack Peterson
    May 24, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    Halloween is probably the best night of the year to go out if you want to meet more girls. This is because EVERYONE goes out to dress sexy and have a great time (usually leading to hookups). Even the girls who don’t normally go out are out having fun

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