How to Attract Women With Body Language

If you truly want to attract women with body language then you must know the basics. Before I get into those, I’ll explain why body language is so important.

Psychologists estimate that 60-80% of all communication is non-verbal. It comes down to what you look like when you’re talking. So what’s the best body language to attract women and how do you practice it?


Whether or not you’re trying to approach women, you should have solid posture. Keep your back straight when you’re walking, sitting, or standing. This will help you stand tall and look more confident and attractive.


Where do you put these? The trick is to be relaxed. When you’re relaxed it portrays confidence. Keep your arms at your side at all times. Don’t cross your arms. Don’t twiddle your thumbs. The best thing to do is to hook your thumbs on your pockets and let your arms hang. This will be a comfortable position and it will stop you from moving around too much.


The key is to stay relaxed. The most relaxed and comfortable position for your legs is to have them shoulder-width apart. Take up space! Keeping your feet too close together will make you look stiff.

Eye Contact

Keep eye contact with the person to whom you’re talking. This is going to show them that you’re interested in what they’re saying. When someone you’re talking to knows you’re listening, they think you’re a genuine person and will therefore want to continue conversation. Most importantly, it shows confidence. Being able to look someone in the eye shows that you’re not scared. Flickering your eyes too much and looking away will show you’re timid. This is the last thing you want a woman to think when you’re engaging in conversation with her.

You should work on these every day, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Practice these when you run errands, at your job, and literally whenever you talk to anyone. Make it part of your life and everyday conversations. Once you start incorporating it into your daily routine, it won’t be so difficult to think about. Your body will start molding into those listed positions when you teach and correct it to do so. Muscle memory is your friend.

If you have all of these basics down, then you will be attracting women with your body language in no time! The next thing you’ll need to work on is conversation.

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