How to Touch a Woman

If you want to successfully attract a woman then you have to know where and when to properly touch her. Touch (also known as kino, short for kinesthetic) is one of the key factors in turning a woman on, as well as letting her know you are interested. Knowing how to touch a woman will take you out of the friend zone and into the boyfriend zone. Scientific studies have been done to prove that touch leads to feelings of attraction. Before, I tell you the best places to touch her, let me give you a few tips.

Touch her right away

If you are on a date or are just approaching her for the first time, then get to it! You want to touch a woman within the first seconds of meeting her. A hug is a great start for a date and a high-five or handshake is good for an approach. The reason you want to touch a woman right away is to get her familiar to your feel. It starts the connection process smoothly and you can lead into heavier touching as your interactions progress.

Be gentle.

When you touch her have a reason (I’ll go over some below). If you don’t have a reason to touch a woman then she will interpret it as you groping her. This can scare her away fast. Also, you want to make sure you do it gently. Forceful grabbing (that isn’t playful) will make you come off creepy. Once you enter the creep-zone, it’s hard to get out.

She’ll touch you back.

Damnit, let her! When you touch a woman, she’ll get the hint and start to touch you back. Don’t be scared or nervous when she touches or grabs you. Play it cool and let it happen. Take it as a sign and continue to lay on YOUR touch even heavier. Move toward more intimate touching until you lead up to a kiss.

Now that you have some guidelines, let me go over a few places to touch a woman in the whole process of an interaction:


• Give her a big hug and squeeze when you see her on a date
• If you’re being introduced to her, shake her hand, smile and hold eye contact
• When she says something cool, give her a high-five (not like she’s your buddy but softer and hold it for a second and let the fingers smoothly glide off each other)
• Touch the back of her arm when she says something you agree with


• If you’re moving locations, put your hand on her lower back or waist and guide her
• Compliment her on her earring and touch her earlobes while you touch the earring (sounds crazy, but works like a charm)
• Make an excuse to touch the palm of her hand (a very sensitive spot) i.e. a cold read or looking at her rings
• If you’re in a group and she says something funny, put your arm around her and say, “your friend here is crazy, yet so cute!”


• Lean in closer to her as your conversation gets deeper
• Hold her waist and give her a big smile and compliment
• If you’re sitting next to her, put your hand on her leg
• When conversation stops for a second, lean in and kiss her

There are endless ways to touch a woman. It’s a powerful tool that assists in attracting her. While I mentioned a number of moves that you can use in your interactions, the options are endless. Find out what works best for you and start practicing as you approach the women you want. Most importantly, remember to make your transitions as smooth as possible. Be sensitive to how she responds to your every move.

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  1. Socialkenny
    August 3, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    Somehow,I’m unable to tweet your posts.When I hit the twitter share button,the link to your post doesn’t pop up.Maybe it’s just my browser.

    • Tripp
      August 3, 2012 at 6:23 pm

      Try the button below the post. Thanks!

  2. Socialkenny
    August 8, 2012 at 10:20 pm

    “Lean in closer as the conversation gets deeper”.

    Pretty solid advice there.Also,when the target is getting deep and more engaged in the chat,she naturally leans in unconsciously.


    • Tripp
      August 8, 2012 at 10:22 pm

      Yes she definitely will, which is a sign that she’s interested in the conversation and YOU.

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