Why Tripp?

I was in college and my frustration with women and dating really sank in. I was just about to graduate and I had yet to attract any girl I really wanted. Up until this point I had been friend zoned by every girl I was truly interested in. My outlook on attraction and dating was completely wrong. I tried to dress as “cool” as I could and look good, but that just wasn’t cutting it. At this point I thought looks were the only way to impress a girl, but I soon found out I was wrong.
At this point I began diving into everything I could find on the internet and bookstore about attraction, dating and sex advice (that’s probably how you found me). The only problem was I kept running into things like “The Game”, pickup artists, gimmicks, manipulation, routines and more. There wasn’t any method that I could personally connect to. The material I found wasn’t about being able to meet women, rather how to use them for sex and become something you’re not. Don’t get me wrong, some books and material I read were very helpful, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to get more dates and my choice of women with most of the information at hand.
This period was what I call “go time”. I took matters into my own hands and went out into the field. Instead of learning false methods, I set out to create my own. Was I scared? Completely. But, I wanted the power to be my most attractive self and get the women I wanted. For the next 2 years I went out non stop. Sometimes I went out 2-3 weeks in row approaching women, learning how to flirt, discovering ways to get over my social fears. I finally grew to become the person I always wanted to be: ME.
By this time my fantasies became reality. I was dating models, older women, younger women, all types of women. I could attract almost any woman I came in contact with, yet it wasn’t with lies or games. Instead, it was by being my most attractive and confident self. At the same time my social skills were so strong that it even helped me in my job and in making new, quality friends. The world was my oyster. So, I did what any person would do in this situation: I started a podcast.
The podcast was called Dudes Talking About Chicks and I created it with a buddy of mine Kyle Sherman who would always ask me for dating advice. In 2010 it climbed the top of the charts as the #1 podcast in the self-help category of iTunes. In fact, it still ranks in the top 100 today in the same category. The podcast helped thousands of men become confident and attract the women of their choice. I learned that my self-created, natural system worked for others beyond me. And then it really hit me. This was my calling. My passion. I needed to help as many men as I could become powerful, confident, and date any kind of woman they want all while being true to themselves. I quit my current job, put up a website and…
TrippAdvice was born.