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Becoming Confident

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Creating A Magnetic Personality

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How To Be Charismatic

The Rock: 3 Tips To Increased Charisma (video)

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Making Girls Feel Comfortable Around You

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Becoming More Masculine

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Discovering Your Purpose

How To Get On Your Purpose (NOT WHAT YOU’VE HEARD) (video)

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What It Means To Be “A Real Man”

How To Be The Real Man Women Crave (video)

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How To Look Handsome & Well Groomed

6 Hacks To Look Handsome Even If You’re Ugly (Use My Checklist) (video)

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How To Wear A Sport Coat (video)

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How To Develop Your Own Unique Style (video)

4 Techniques For Attracting Girls With Your Style (video)

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Confident Body Language

4 Body Language “Hacks” To Get More Girls (blog post)

3 Easy Tricks To Project Instant Confidence Girls WILL Notice (video)

3 Proven Body Language Tricks To Attract Women (video)

How To Stand To Make Girls See You As Confident (video)

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The Eye Contact Secret That Attracts Women (video)

Video For Practicing Eye Contact #1 (video)

Video For Practicing Eye Contact #2 (video)

How To Get A Woman To Focus On YOU (video)

Projecting Your Voice

How To Have A Deeper & Powerful Voice With THIS Trick (video)

This Is How To Make Your Voice Sound Sexy To Women (podcast)

Most Overlooked “Skill” In Attracting Girls (video)

Use The “Vocal Pen Trick” To Attract Girls (video)

Tripp Advice Goes Infield

Tripp Advice Infield Approaching Women (video)

How To Meet Hot Girls During The Day (Infield Footage) (video)

How To Talk To Girls During The Daytime (video)

How To Approach A Girl Who Is Sitting (Infield Footage) (video)

How To Approach A Girl Who Is Walking (Infield Footage) (video)

How To Approach A Girl Who Is Standing (Infield Footage) (video)

How To Approach A Girl During The Day (video)

Approaching A Girl

Dead Giveaway That She Wants You To Approach Her (video)

#1 Sign She Wants To Be Approached (video)

3 Signs A Woman Wants To Be Approached (video)

This Is How Girls Want To Be Approached (podcast)

How To Approach A Girl: The 7 False Beliefs On Approaching Girls (video)

Nailing The First Impression With A Girl (podcast)

How To Make A Magnetic First Impression On A Girl (video)

What To Do When A Girl Looks At You (Important If You’re Shy!) (video)

Talking To Girls During The Day With Stephan Erdman (podcast)

How To Approach A Girl During The Day (video)

Say “This Sentence” To Make Her Want You (podcast)

How To Get Girls To Respond When You Approach (podcast)

How To Get A Beautiful Girl To Approach YOU (video)

Approaching A Girl With Her Friends

Easy Formula For Talking To A Group Of Girls (video)

How To Talk To A Group Of 2 (or more) Girls (video)

How To Approach Large Groups Of Girls (podcast)

How You Make Meeting Girls Fun (podcast)

How To Approach Girls In Unique Situations (podcast)

The Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Approaching Girls (podcast)

Most Effective Pick Up Lines & Openers

My Magic Line For Creating Instant Sexual Tension (video)

Pick-Up Lines That Actually Work (podcast)

4 Pick Up Lines That Actually Work (video)

Best Pick Up Lines: Top 5 Real And Non-Cheesy Pick Up Lines To Use ANY TIME (video)

9 Scientifically Proven Pick Up Lines That Work Every Time (video)

Kinda Weird But VERY Effective Pick Up Line (video)

7 “Innocent” Words That Turn Her On (video)

The Perfect Opener For Approaching A Girl In Person (podcast)

Use These Openers For Daytime Approaches (podcast)

My Favorite Conversation Opener To Use During The Day (podcast)

Starting The Conversation

33 Conversation Starters To Break The Ice With Anyone (video)

How To Start A Conversation With Girls (podcast)

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl You’re Into (video)

Easiest Way To Start A Conversation (video)

How To Create A Conversation That Attracts Hot Girls (video)

The Right Conversation Topics To Bring Up With A Stranger (video)

4 Conversation Starters Guaranteed To Work Every Time (video)

How To Spark Conversation With A Girl You’ve Never Met (video)

How To Talk To A Shy Girl That You Know Or Don’t Know (video)

Making Conversations Interesting

#1 Secret To Talking To A Girl (and not boring her!) (video)

Effortless Interesting Conversation (podcast)

Telling Your Life Story In A Way That Makes Her Like You (podcast)

How To Keep Any Conversation Interesting (podcast)

What To Do If Your Conversation Skills Suck (video)

How To Talk To A Girl You Like (hint: It’s Not What You Think) (video)

How To Keep A Girl Interested In You (video)

5 Ways To Never Be Boring Around Girls (video)

How To Talk To Girls – 5 Steps To Talk To Girls And Get Her To Like You (video)

How To Use The “Mandela Effect” To Make Your Conversations Fun (video)

Conversation Trick To Build Rapport (SHOCKING) (video)

The 3 “Magic Words” To Say To A Girl (podcast)

How To Keep A Girl’s Attention With These Words (video)

How To Chat With A Girl You Like (video)

How To Compliment A Girl

How To Compliment A Girl (video)

My Favorite Compliment To Give A Girl (video)

The Right Way To Compliment A Girl (podcast)

5 Compliments That Make Women Melt (video)

7 Compliments Women Love To Hear (video)

3 Types Of Compliments That Start A Conversation (video)

The BEST Compliment to Send Over Text (video)

3 Sweet Things To Say To A Girl (video)

Keeping Conversations Going

33 Conversation “Continuers” To Keep A Conversation Going (video)

4 Topics To Keep A Conversation Flowing (video)

Keeping A Conversation With Patrick King (podcast)

7 Things To Talk About With A Girl That Make Her Like You (video)

What To Talk About With A Girl When You First Meet (and what not to talk about) (video)

Easy Method To Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl (video)

How To Keep A Conversation Going: One Simple Trick For Conversation (video)

My S.A.M.E. Formula For Keeping A Conversation Going (video)

How To Take Control Of Conversations With Girls (video)

Avoiding Awkward Silences

Conversation Tricks To Avoid Awkward Silences (podcast)

How To Avoid Awkward Silences With A Girl (video)

Do You Get Stuck In Conversation? (podcast)

How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say (video)

Never Run Out Of Things To Say With Girls (video)

3 Secrets For Never Running Out Of Things To Say To Girls (video)

Never Run Out Of Things To Say To A Girl With Improv Comedy Techniques  (blog post)

Questions That Get A Girl Attracted

Questions To Ask A Girl You Like (video)

Best Question To Get Past Small Talk (video)

4 Questions That Make A Girl Interested And Attracted (video)

5 Questions To Ask That Build Attraction With A Woman (video)

The “Magic” Question To Ask A Girl To Make Her Like You (video)

Types Of Questions To Ask Girls In Conversation (podcast)

Celebrity Journalist Reveals Secret To Asking POWERFUL Questions To Girls (podcast)

Taking Conversations Deeper

Escaping Small Talk & Making Strong Connections With Laurel House (podcast)

Creating Deeper & Meaningful Conversations With Women (podcast)

Making A Connection (video)

Little-Known Charisma Hack To Make Her Feel Connected To You (video)

3 Girl-Melting Phrases That Make Her Want You (video)

Turning A Woman On With Jonathon Aslay (podcast)

How To INSTANTLY Connect With Hot Girls (video)

Say This To A Girl To Capture Her Attention (video)

Biggest Conversation Mistakes

3 Cringeworthy Things Guys Say To Girls (video)

What You Should NEVER Say To A Girl (video)

Never Ask These 4 NEEDY Questions To A Girl. Ever. (video)

The #1 Mistake Men Make In Conversation With Women (video)

3 Phrases That Get You Rejected (video)

Why “Trying” To Get Girls Is Killing Your Chances (podcast)

Getting A Girl’s Phone Number

Easy Trick To Get A Girl’s Phone Number (video)

Should You Text Or Call A Girl? (video)

How To Talk To A Girl On The Phone (video)

How To Get Her Attracted On The Phone (podcast)

How To Turn A Woman’s Phone Number Into A Date (video)

Success Principles Of Texting Girls

The Ultimate Guide For Texting Girls  (blog post)

The 5 Biggest Rules Of Texting Girls (podcast)

How To Get Her To Text You First (95% Success Rate) (video)

How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text (Exact Texts For You To Use) (video)

How To Text Message A Girl (Copy/Paste Example Messages) (video)

How To Text A Girl You Like (steal these text examples!) (video)

Don’t Text Another Girl Until You Watch This! (video)

Why A Girl Won’t Text Back (video)

Interpreting Her Texts

Decoding A Woman’s Texts (What She Really Means) (video)

How To Interpret The Hidden Meaning In A Girls Text (video)

How To Tell If She’s Flirting Over Text (video)

Simple Way To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text (video)

Text Messages That Get Women To Respond

Do This To Get Her To Respond to Your Texts (podcast)

How To Get A Woman To ALWAYS Return Your Texts (video)

How To Get A Girl To Text You Back (video)

Send THIS Text When She Doesn’t Respond (video)

What Does It Mean When A Girl Takes A Long Time To Text Back? (video)

Use These 5 Text Messages To Make Her Want You (video)

3 Texts That Make Her Chase You! (video)

The Best Text Message To Send A Girl (video)

What To Say To Stand Out Over Text (Word-For-Word Examples!) (video)

An “Oddball” Text Message Women Can’t Resist (video)

Use My Killer “Rapid Reply” Text For A Quick Response! (video)

She Responds To Texts But Won’t Meet Up. Now What? (video)

Most Common Texting Mistakes

Avoid This Deadly Mistake When Texting Girls! (video)

The Worst Text Message To Send A Girl (video)

BIG Texting Mistake That Will NEVER Get You A Response (video)

The 6 Most Dangerous Mistakes Men Make When Texting Girls – And What To Do About It (video)

Going From Text To Sex

Formula For Going From Texting To Sexting (podcast)

This Booty Call Text Message Works EVERY TIME (video)

How To Sext In A Way That Leads To Sex (video)

How To Sext With A Girl & Turn Her On (video)

Expanding Your Social Circle & Making Friends

New System Revealed: Building A Social Circle Of Hot Girls In 1 Month (podcast)

How To Network And Build A Social Circle Of Girls & Guys (video)

How To Make Friends And Build Your Social Circle (video)

How To Build A Social Circle (video)

How To Appear More Desirable Than Any Other Man In The Room (video)

Being The Most Interesting Person In A Room With James Swanwick (podcast)

How To Overcome Social Anxiety With Sebastiaan van der Schrier  (podcast)

Improve Social Skills Drastically With These 4 Techniques (video)

Building The Top 3 Essential Social Skills (video)

Meeting Women At Bars & Clubs

4 Ways To Approach A Girl At Bars, Clubs And Lounges (video)

How To Meet Girls With No Wingman (video)

How To Meet Girls At A Bar When You’re Alone (podcast)

Should You Buy A Drink For A Girl At The Bar? (video)

Alcohol And Meeting Girls…? (video)

The Truth About Alcohol And Meeting Girls (video)

How To Attract A Woman At The Bar (video – Q&A)

How To Get An Amazing Wingman (podcast)

Meeting Girls At Nightclubs With Beastly Gentleman (podcast)

How To Start Conversation With A Girl In A Bar Or Club (video)

2 Simple Tricks To Make You More Attractive To Women In Bars And Clubs (video)

3 Ways To Conquer Social Anxiety at Bars, Clubs, & Parties (video)

How To Ask A Girl To Dance (video)

Simple Dance Move For Seducing A Girl (For Beginners) (video)

This Is How To Meet Bartenders, Waitresses, & Hostesses (podcast)

7-Second Pickup Trick For Waitresses, Bartenders & Baristas (video)

How To Attract A Girl Who Is Working (video)

Meeting Women At Parties & Social Events

How To Get Girls To Notice You At A Party (video)

What To Say To A Girl At A Party (Steal These Lines!) (video)

How To Talk To Girls At Parties (video)

3 Simple Steps To Meet A Girl At A Pool Party (video)

How To Meet Cute Girls In Social Settings (podcast)

How To Make A Girl Forget About Her Friends And Go With You (video)

Other Places To Meet Women

Where To Meet Women: The #1 Place To Meet Attractive Women (video)

Hidden Places To Meet Women (podcast)

Skip The Bars & Clubs: 5 Unknown Places To Meet Girls (video)

Secret Places Where Single Women Outnumber The Men (video)

Meeting Girls At The Supermarket With David Wygant (podcast)

Hot Girls At The Gym & How To Get Their Attention (podcast)

This Is How To Meet A Girl At The Gym (podcast)

2 Ways To Approach A Girl At A Coffee Shop (use THESE lines) (video)

How To Meet Girls If You Live In A Small Town (podcast)

How To Meet Girls When You Travel (podcast)

Getting Out Of The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone Deconstructed: How Guys Get In It And 3 Steps To Get Out Of It (blog post)

3 Reasons Why You’re In The Friend Zone (video)

Avoiding The Friend Zone 101 (podcast)

The “Friend Zone Time Window” (podcast)

Instantly ESCAPE The Friend Zone With THIS Line… (video)

How Nice Guys Get Trapped In The Friend Zone (video)

How To Be An Edgy Bad Boy & Avoid The Friend Zone (video)

Why You’re In The Friend Zone & How To Avoid It (podcast)

The #1 Trait That Always Puts You In The Friend Zone (video)

Staying Out Of The Friend Zone With Francoise Boufhal (podcast)

How To Avoid The Friend Zone And Get Her Back (video)

How To Sleep With A Female Friend (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) (video)

Gift Ideas For Turning A Female Friend Into Your Next Girlfriend (video)

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her (video)

Flirting With Girls Effortlessly & Naturally

Crash Test Dummies For Flirting (blog post)

My 3 Part Fool-Proof Flirting Formula (video)

How To Flirt With A Girl To Supercharge Attraction (video)

How To Attract A Woman With 3 Effortless Techniques (video)

Top 3 Flirting Tips For Men (Important If You’re Shy) (video)

6 Lines To Say When You Flirt With A Girl (And How To Say Them) (video)

What To Say When You Flirt With A Girl (6 Proven Phrases) (video)

4 Effective Ways To Tease A Girl (video)

Flirting & Intentions (video)

How To Subtly Flirt With A Girl (video)

2 Biggest Mistakes When Flirting With Girls (podcast)

How To Tease A Girl And Make Her Feel Instant Attraction (video)

How To Touch Her For The First Time

4 Places To Touch A Girl For The First Time (video)

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