Getting Motivated

“What If…” – Motivational Video (video)

 How To Stop Being A Loser (motivational rant) (video)

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Listen To This Episode If You’re In A Rut (podcast)

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#1 Reason You Don’t Have The Girl You Want (podcast)

97% Of Guys Have THESE 3 Problems With Women (video)

The Top 5 Regrets Of Dating (podcast)


Solving Inner Issues

Will Going To Therapy Help You Get Girls? (podcast)

Strategies For Dealing With Loneliness (podcast)

Can A Very “Ugly” Man Attract A Woman? (podcast)

5 Brain Hacks To Conquer Your Negative Emotions (podcast)

Tips To Conquer Fear, Anxiety, Depression And Build Confidence (Spotify)

Watch This Video If You Care What Women Think Of You (video)

Dealing With Shyness & Nervousness

How To Cure Shyness (video)

Defeat Shyness With These Two Powerful Mindsets (podcast)

The #1 Habit That Makes You Meet More Women (podcast)

“Weird Sentence” That Stops Nervousness Around Girls (video)

How To Meet 3x More Women (even if you’re shy) (video)

Getting Over Approach Anxiety

Easy Technique To Beat Approach Anxiety (podcast)

5-Minute Meditation For Approach Anxiety, Fear & Nervousness (video)

3-Step Meditation Technique For Overcoming Anxiety Around Girls (podcast)

CRAZY Social Anxiety Challenge (bet you can’t do it) (video)

Overcoming Fear Of Rejection

Buddhist Techniques To Overcome Fear  (podcast)

“17-Second Trick” Removes Your Fear Of Rejection (video)

What Killer Clowns Can Teach You About Meeting Girls (podcast)

3 Simple Mantras That Destroy Fear Of Talking To Girls (podcast)

How To Use Visualization To Conquer Women (video)

3 Ways To Tell If She Has A Boyfriend (video)

Exactly What To Do When You Get Rejected (Gets You More Women) (video)

Building Confidence

7 Keys To Massive Confidence In Life (blog post)

How Your High School Dance Is Holding You Back  (blog post)

Developing Abundance Mentality

The #1 Superpower In Dating And Relationships (podcast)

Should You Fight For The Girl Who Doesn’t Like You? (podcast)

2 Proven Ways To Get A Woman That Rejected You (podcast)

Creating A Magnetic Personality

10 Ways To Be More Interesting To Women (blog post)

7 Ways To Be More Interesting To Women (video)

The Rock: 3 Tips To Increased Charisma (video)

Nailing The First Impression With A Girl (podcast)

Surprising Personality Trait That Pulls Women To You Like A Magnet (video)

This One Word Gets Her Addicted To You Forever (video)

Do You Have THIS Attractive Trait Women Love? (video)

Fixing Personality Problems

You’ll Push Her Away If You Do This… (video)

You’re Doing THIS Creepy Thing Around Girls Without Knowing It… (video)

Here’s How To Avoid Annoying The Girl You Like (video)

5 Ways To Never Be Boring Around Girls (video)

Top 5 Mistakes Guys Make With Women (And Simple Ways To Fix Them) (video)

3 “Brain Tricks” To Help You Attract More Girls (video)

Becoming A Man

An “Alpha Male Characteristic” Most Men Don’t Have (video)

3 Daily Habits To Become An Alpha Male (video)

No More Mr. Nice Guy! (video)

The #1 Thing About Nice Guys That Women Hate Most  (video)

3 Confident “Male Mindsets” That Drive Girls Wild (video)

4 Types Of Guys That Girls Want To Date (video)

5 Daily Habits To Become Irresistible To Women (video)

7 Qualities Of A Man That Make A Woman Melt (video)

The 3 Ways A Woman Tests Your Masculinity (podcast)

Improving Your Physical Appearance

6 Hacks To Look Handsome Even If You’re Ugly (Use My Checklist) (video)

5 Science-Backed Ways To Appear More Attractive To Women (video)

3 Ways To INSTANTLY Have A Better Looking Face (video)

Easy Trick To Be More Photogenic (video)

This Quick Fix Doubles Your Results With Women & Dating (video)

How To Dress For Your Body Type (video)

Confident Body Language

4 Body Language “Hacks” To Get More Girls (blog post)

Smiling Trick To Make A Woman Want You (video)

Quick Hack Makes You INSTANTLY More Attractive (video)

How To Have A Deeper & Powerful Voice With THIS Trick (video)

Most Overlooked “Skill” In Attracting Girls (video)

Simple Gestures That Drive Women Crazy (video)

How To Get A Woman To Focus On YOU (video)

Approaching Girls

Dead Giveaway That She Wants You To Approach Her (video)

#1 Sign She Wants To Be Approached (video)

What To Do When A Girl Looks At You (Important If You’re Shy!) (video)

The Perfect Opener For Approaching A Girl In Person (podcast)

How To Approach Girls In Unique Situations (podcast)

How To Approach Large Groups Of Girls (podcast)

How To Talk To A Group Of 2 (or more) Girls (video)

How You Make Meeting Girls Fun (podcast)

The Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Approaching Girls (podcast)

7-Second Pickup Trick For Waitresses, Bartenders & Baristas (video)

How To Ask A Girl To Dance (video)

Starting Conversations

Easiest Way To Start A Conversation (video)

The Right Conversation Topics To Bring Up With A Stranger (video)

4 Conversation Starters Guaranteed To Work Every Time (video)

How To Spark Conversation With A Girl You’ve Never Met (video)

#1 Secret To Talking To A Girl (and not boring her!) (video)

Step-By-Step How To Talk To “Intimidating Women” (podcast)

Are People Watching You Talk To Girls? (podcast)

Creating Deeper & Meaningful Conversations With Women (podcast)

3 Sweet Things To Say To A Girl (video)

My Favorite Compliment To Give A Girl (video)

7 Compliments Women Love To Hear (video)

Keeping Conversations Going

Do You Get Stuck In Conversation? (podcast)

4 Topics To Keep A Conversation Flowing (video)

Conversation Tricks To Avoid Awkward Silences (podcast)

How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say (video)

Never Run Out Of Things To Say With Girls (video)

Never Run Out Of Things To Say To A Girl With Improv Comedy Techniques  (blog post)

How To Use The “Mandela Effect” To Make Your Conversations Fun (video)

What To Say To A Girl At A Party (Steal These Lines!) (video)

Best Question To Get Past Small Talk (video)

4 Questions That Make A Girl Interested And Attracted (video)

5 Questions To Ask That Build Attraction With A Woman (video)

Conversation Mistakes

3 Cringeworthy Things Guys Say To Girls (video)

What You Should NEVER Say To A Girl (video)

Never Ask These 4 NEEDY Questions To A Girl. Ever. (video)

The #1 Mistake Men Make In Conversation With Women (video)

3 Phrases That Get You Rejected (video)

Texting Women

The Ultimate Guide For Texting Girls  (blog post)

How To Text Message A Girl (Copy/Paste Example Messages) (video)

How To Get Her To Text You First (95% Success Rate) (video)

Decoding A Woman’s Texts (What She Really Means) (video)

She Responds To Texts But Won’t Meet Up. Now What? (video)

Send THIS Text When She Doesn’t Respond (video)

The BEST Compliment to Send Over Text (video)

Do This To Get Her To Respond to Your Texts (podcast)

How To Interpret The Hidden Meaning In A Girls Text (video)

Use My Killer “Rapid Reply” Text For A Quick Response! (video)

Formula For Going From Texting To Sexting (podcast)

How To Sext In A Way That Leads To Sex (video)

How To Text A Girl After A First Date (formula inside) (video)

Building Your Social Circle/Making Friends

New System Revealed: Building A Social Circle Of Hot Girls In 1 Month (podcast)

How To Appear More Desirable Than Any Other Man In The Room (video)

3 Ways To Conquer Social Anxiety at Bars, Clubs, & Parties (video)

Places To Meet Women

How To Meet Girls If You Live In A Small Town (podcast)

Hidden Places To Meet Women (podcast)

Secret Places Where Single Women Outnumber The Men (video)

How To Meet Girls When You Travel (Spotify)

3 Simple Steps To Meet A Girl At A Pool Party (video)

How To Get Girls To Notice You At A Party (video)

Tripp Advice Infield

Tripp Advice Infield Approaching Women (video)

Kinda Weird But VERY Effective Pick Up Line (hidden camera)

How To Meet Hot Girls During The Day (Infield Footage) (video)

How To Talk To Girls During The Daytime (video)

How To Approach A Girl Who Is Sitting (Infield Footage) (video)

How To Approach A Girl Who Is Walking (Infield Footage) (video)

How To Approach A Girl Who Is Standing (Infield Footage) (video)

How To Approach A Girl During The Day (video)

Getting Out Of The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone Deconstructed: How Guys Get In It And 3 Steps To Get Out Of It (blog post)

Instantly ESCAPE The Friend Zone With THIS Line… (video)

How To Sleep With A Female Friend (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) (video)

Effortless Flirting

My 3 Part Fool-Proof Flirting Formula (video)

The Right Way To Compliment A Girl (podcast)

Top 3 Flirting Tips For Men (Important If You’re Shy) (video)

4 Effective Ways To Tease A Girl (video)

Crash Test Dummies For Flirting (blog post)

2 Biggest Mistakes When Flirting With Girls (podcast)

How To NOT Creep A Girl Out (podcast)

Building Attraction

What Makes A Woman Attracted To A Man (video)

7 Powerful Ways To Attract A Woman (video)

The 3 Laws Of Attracting Girls (#2 is POWERFUL) (video)

5 Psychological Tricks To Get Her To Like You (video)

Do You Know How To Get A Girl Hooked On You? (podcast)

How To Attract A Woman In A Sneaky Way (video)

Military-Grade Mind Control Trick To Flip A Girl’s Attraction Switch (video)

Little-Known Charisma Hack To Make Her Feel Connected To You (video)

How To Instantly Charm A Girl (NES Formula) (video)

Can The iPhone X Help You Attract More Girls? (video)

3 Girl-Melting Phrases That Make Her Want You (video)

Use These 5 Words To Stand Out… (video)

Attracting Girls Who Don’t Like You Back

How To Attract A Girl That Doesn’t Like You Back (video)

How To Attract A Girl That Isn’t Into You (video)

How To Get A Girl To Like You Again After Messing Things Up With Her (video)

Physical Escalation

What To Say To Get Closer To Her Body (video)

Touch A Girl HERE And Drive Her Wild!! (video)

How To Hold A Girl’s Hand (video)

How To Kiss A Girl You Like (video)

How To Give A Girl The Perfect Kiss – With Video Examples (blog post)

Telling A Girl How You Feel

How To Chat With A Girl You Like (video)

Getting Girls To Chase You

Simple Way To Get A Girl To Chase You (video)

3 Texts That Make Her Chase You! (video)

3-Step Formula To Get Her To Chase YOU (video)

How To Get A Woman To Try And Impress You (video)

How To Get A Woman To Think About You Non-Stop (video)

Sexual Seduction

The Fastest Way To Learn Seduction, Game & Attraction (podcast)

How To Make A Woman “Lose Sexual Control” Around You  (video)

The Secret To Seducing 9’s and 10’s (podcast)

Bed Her In Under 1 Hour (video)

Getting Girls On Dates

When Is The BEST Time To Ask Her Out…? (video)

When (and how) To Text A Girl To Get A Date (video)

3 Lines For Getting A Girl To Say “Yes” To A Date (video)

A Step-by-Step Guide For Dating Up Older Women (blog post)

Should you date girls older? Younger? Or the same age? (podcast)

The Truth About Romantic Comedies (podcast)

How To Keep A Casual Relationship Going (podcast)

Dating With Challenges

How To Get Girls When You’re A Foreigner Or Immigrant (podcast)

How To Date American Women (1 HUGE Mistake Foreign Guys Make) (video)

Can You Attract Girls Without A Job, Car, Or Money? (podcast)

How To Date Girls When You’re Overweight (podcast)

Watch This If You Think You’re Short (for guys) (video)

On The First Date

How To Attract A Girl On A First Date (blog post)

First Date “Formula” That GUARANTEES A Great Time (video)

5-Step Process To The Perfect First Date (podcast)

How To Nail A First Date! (Live Q&A) (video)

7 Great Questions To Ask On A Date (video)

What NOT To Say On A 1st Date (podcast)

The BEST Second Date Idea (video)

Dating In College

10 Mistakes I Made In College With Girls And Dating (blog post)

3 Easy Dinner Date Recipes For Under $10 (video)

Dating In The Workplace

Should I Date The Hot Girl At Work?   (podcast)

Who Is Harvey Weinstein And Is He Wrong? (podcast)

Making Her Your Girlfriend

My #1 Tip For Getting A High Quality Girlfriend (video)

How To Get A Hot Girlfriend In 2018 (video)

3 Steps To Make Her Your Girlfriend (video)

Ask Her These 3 Questions… (podcast)

A Test To Know If A Woman Is Sincere (video)

This Is How You Attract The “Perfect Woman” (podcast)

Is She A Gold Digger? 3 Easy Ways To Find Out (podcast)

3 Types Of Women To Avoid (And Why) (video)

Understanding The Female Mind

How Women View Sex (podcast)

How Important is $ And Fame To Women? (video)

The Secret Mind Of “The Hot Girl” (podcast)

What She’s REALLY Thinking When She Rejects You (video)

What Women Look For Right Away When They Come To Your Place (video)

3 Ways A Woman Tests Your Masculinity (podcast)

Do Women From All Cultures Feel Attraction In The Same Way? (podcast)

3 Weird Things Girls Are Hiding From You (video)

The Deepest Darkest Fears Of Women (video)

Reading Female Signs of Attraction

Secrets To “Reading” A Woman’s Face (video)

#1 Sign Women Give Men They Like (podcast)

#1 Sign She Wants To Be Kissed (podcast)

3 Hints She Likes You (MUST WATCH FOR SHY GUYS) (video)

3 Flirtation Signs Girls Give Men They Like (video)

5 Signs She’s Flirting With You (video)

How To Tell If She’s Flirting Over Text (video)

7 Subconscious Signals She Likes You (live examples!) (video)

7 Flirtation Signals Sent By Girls (video)

How To Tell If A Girl Is Playing Hard To Get (Or Just Not Interested) (video)

Is She Flirting Or Being Nice? (video)

How Women Show Interest (video)

How To Spot A Shy Girl (and get her attention) (video)

Take This QUIZ To Find Out If She Likes You (video)

Having Sex

How To Put On A Condom (video)

How To Get More Sex In Your Life (video)

10 Dangerous Mistakes Guys Make In The Bedroom – And Easy Ways To Fix Them  (blog post)

How To Get Your Girlfriend To Give You A Blowjob (video)

5 Simple Things Women WISH Men Did In Bed (video)

#1 Thing A Woman Wants A Man To Do In Bed (video)

What Men Should Know About Amazing Sex (podcast)

3 Best Positions For Guys With Small Penises (video)

Cultivating Your Own Inner Dominance (podcast)

Trick To Drive A Woman Crazy In Bed (video)

Huge Mistake Guys Make Before Doing The Deed The Kills Attraction (podcast)

Getting Her To Fall In Love

3 Psychological Tricks To Make Her Fall in Love (video)

2 Phrases Women Need To Hear From A Man To Feel Wanted (video)

3 Ways To Keep A Woman Around (video)

3 Signs That’s She’s In Love With You (video)

Long-Term Relationships

10 Lessons I Learned From My Last 3 Long-Term Relationships (blog post)

3 Unknown Benefits Of A Long-Term Relationship (podcast)

When Should You Call Her Your Girlfriend? (podcast)

Should You Move In With A Girl? (podcast)

Tempted To Cheat On Your Girlfriend? (WATCH THIS FIRST) (video)

How Do You Make Long Distance Relationships Work? (video)

Dealing With Break Ups

Why A Woman Pulls Away (video)

Why She Doesn’t Like You Back (podcast)

3 Unmistakeable Signs She’s No Longer In Love (podcast)

The Secret Reasons Your Ex Cheated On You  (podcast)

This Drives A Woman Into The Arms Of Another Guy (video)

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back (podcast)

4 Sneaky Ways To Get Your Ex Back (She’ll Be Begging To Get Back With You) (video)

How To Let A Girl Down Easy (video)

Online Dating

The Truth About Online Dating (video)

My Online Dating Experience (video)

Online Dating vs Meeting Girls In Person (podcast)

Why Online Dating Sucks (and what to do instead) (podcast)

11-Step Must Have Checklist For Your Online Dating Profile (podcast)

Setting Up An Online Profile That Gets Responses (video)

The Exact 10 Words To Use In Your Dating Profile (study says) (podcast)

How To Flirt With A Girl ONLINE (Copy/Paste Messages Included) (video)

3 Biggest Mistakes Men Make With Online Dating (video)

Women’s Deal Breakers For Online Dating (podcast)

Lambs To The Slaughter: 3 Brutally Honest Online Dating Profile Critiques (blog post)

Proven Techniques For Chatting Up Girls On Facebook (video)

What Every Guy Should Know About Meeting Girls On Tinder (video)

Interviews With Experts

Explosive Interview With Alpha Male Strategies (podcast)

Getting Over Rejection (Interview With Noah Kagan) (podcast)

How To Be Yourself And Still Attract Quality Women (Interview with John Keegan) (podcast)

Jason Capital On How To Get Higher Status (podcast)

Richard La Ruina On Building Tension (podcast)

Vince Kelvin On 3 Mental Frames That Triple Attraction (podcast)

Scientific Ways To Overcoming Approach Anxiety With Dave Asprey (podcast)

Does Hiring A Matchmaker Work? (Interview with Natacha Noel) (podcast)

This Is How To Go From Approach To Girlfriend (Interview with Wade Walters) (podcast)

Getting Over Rejection (Interview With Noah Kagan) (video)

Live Q&A’s

Tripp Advice Office Hours LIVE! AMA!  1/10/2018 – (video)

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Attraction Arsenal – My 1 Hour Crash Course In Attraction & Dating

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Ep. 9 – Setting Up The Second Date

Ep. 10 – Getting A Girlfriend

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