Inside “Magnetic”, you’ll learn how to… 

• Cultivate confidence, eliminate rejection and make women chase YOU
• Create a stylish persona and lifestyle that captivates women
• Stop being the nice guy that always gets stuck in the dreaded friend-zone
• Approach a woman with confidence and walk away with her number
• Get more dates than you can handle and have women “in rotation”


Hooked is an in-depth guide for using DET to make any woman physically and emotionally addicted to you.

  • Use the full DET system for going from being complete strangers with a woman to having her in your phone, on your arm, and then in your bed.
  • Use the 4 Step Attraction Amplifier to have her fall so deeply under your “spell” that she won’t ever want to leave.
  • Get rid of the 2 fatal Attraction-Killers that most men unwittingly do that instantly destroys ANY attraction you have with a woman
  • Learn the 6 best places for meeting high-quality, beautiful women that aren’t crowded nightclubs or overpriced restaurants.
  • Get a woman so aroused on a first date that she’ll beg you to come up to her place (or go to yours). 

Price: $67

Infield Breakdown 

Infield Breakdown is my live hidden camera demonstration of real world approaches created specifically for guys with approach anxiety.

  • Examples of quickly transitioning from using an opener to engaging in a fun conversation that gets girls fascinated.
  • A playful way to introduce yourself that instantly disarms her and makes her drop her guard in seconds
  • EXACTLY what to say when her friend joins the conversation. (So it’s not awkward and everyone feels included).
  • The way to move your body to have the most high-status, magnetic body language.

Price: $97

33 Magic Moves 

33 Magic Moves is a special sexual program that will show you how to give women mind-blowing physical pleasure and endless orgasms.

  • You’ll make a woman dripping wet from your touch.
  • You’ll make a woman moan, shudder and squeal with how you kiss her body… to the point where she’s begging you to put your cock inside of her.
  • You’ll give her incredible, body shaking orgasms that get her absolutely and almost permanently addicted to your body.
  • full demonstrations of these exact sexual moves you will be using to give any woman indescribable pleasure.  
  • Get a rock hard, impressive erection at will… to the point a woman gets the chills even looking at your penis, let alone touching it.

Price: $147

Irresistible Academy

Irresistible Academy is my 12 month program where you’ll get a new module and 30-day implementation plan on a different area for becoming the type of man who naturally attracts a woman and keeps her around. 

  • Have threesomes with beautiful women on demand
  • Turn up the dial to 11 on your sex life
  • Be the kind of guy who has multiple women “in rotation” 
  • Give girls that once in a year feeling… “Oh my God, this guy has everything I want”
  • Girls will get FOMO feelings when they’re around you that makes them want to do anything to keep you all to themselves

Price: $47 for every 30 days