How To Seduce A Girl On A First Date

I want to share with you something a little bit different.

Usually, I write a blog post full of tips and techniques that you get to read, learn from and apply.

Today, I have a highly valuable audio recording of a coaching session that I just did with a student. He gave me permission to share it with you because he was blown away by the value of it.

In this coaching session, my student tells me that he has a first date lined up with a beautiful girl and he doesn’t want to blow it. And who does right?

Well during the call, I go over every step of how to succeed on a first date, from texting her to saying goodbye and everything in between.

You are going to learn exactly what to do on a date to get a girl super attracted to you and wanting to see you again.

There’s a bunch of powerful techniques in here that are going to make you way more interesting and attractive on your next date!

  • Nice format. Always good to get information in different ways. I agree that getting drinks is better than dinner for a first date because it sets the right mood. I always sit next to a girl regardless of where we are so I can touch her easily.

    • Tripp

      Thanks Will! That’s a great idea.

    • Thank you for the insightful contribution Will!