How To Seduce A Girl On A First Date

I want to share with you something a little bit different.

Usually, I write a blog post full of tips and techniques that you get to read, learn from and apply.

Today, I have a highly valuable audio recording of a coaching session that I just did with a student. He gave me permission to share it with you because he was blown away by the value of it.

In this coaching session, my student tells me that he has a first date lined up with a beautiful girl and he doesn’t want to blow it. And who does right?

Well during the call, I go over every step of how to succeed on a first date, from texting her to saying goodbye and everything in between.

You are going to learn exactly what to do on a date to get a girl super attracted to you and wanting to see you again.

There’s a bunch of powerful techniques in here that are going to make you way more interesting and attractive on your next date!

  • Nice format. Always good to get information in different ways. I agree that getting drinks is better than dinner for a first date because it sets the right mood. I always sit next to a girl regardless of where we are so I can touch her easily.

    • Tripp

      Thanks Will! That’s a great idea.

    • Thank you for the insightful contribution Will!

  • Tim Hisey

    I like the idea of going out for drinks on the first date but what if you don’t drink? I don’t drink alcohol, should I still meet her at the bar?

    • You can meet there and have a non-alcoholic beverage or you can meet her somewhere for coffee or somewhere else that doesn’t serve alcohol. Your options are limitless when you take the time to think about it.

  • George Kassim

    i learned a lot the emotional way of telling a story…. I am not much of an emotional guy..

    • Glad to hear you learned a lot. Now go and practice to make it a natural skill. Good luck George.

  • Londiny Belizaire

    Hello from Spain, what about if I met her at a party, had a date in a park but there was no action or touching. Althought we laughed a lot I’m not sure if she’s attracted to me. But we are having a second date in a more intimate place, should I go for a kiss o touch her “that way” ?
    We don’t text too much because I don’t want to annoy her. I’m not used to metting after the party.
    I have to pay for an answer ?

    • Hello Londiny. You’ll probably want to wait until you know that she’s attracted to you before going in for a kiss or touching her. I have videos teaching how to tell. Feel free to watch them. Good luck.

      • Londiny Belizaire

        Thank you sir

  • Renato Chacón

    Hello From Mexico, Three days ago a friend introduced me to a friend of his girlfriend, we have been talking through messages and I intend to do as a double date, and another thing she lives in another state where I live, what should I do?

    • Renato Chacón

      And P.S. any advice about how should i communicate through messages

      • Check out my playlist on youtube called “How to text girls”.

    • What should you do about what? You told me your situation and what you intend to do, so do it. Apply what I teach everyday about making yourself attractive and leading the interaction and when you have a challenge then come back for more answers.

  • Daniel B

    Hey Tripp, I’m Daniel from Colombia, first I gotta thank you because when I broke up with the girl I was with since highschool I didn’t really know how to talk to girls, now I met this girl and got her number, asked her out and she said yes, we went out, had fun, laughed a lot, but when I went for the kiss she didn’t want it. What should I do next? ask her out again?
    Thank you in advance

  • Ayush Sharma

    Hey, i am a school boy 17 yrs old… I am Indian… I have a crush on a girl but i she sometimes shows interest in me but sometimes just ignores me… Can u please tell me what so i do???… Plss…

  • android gamin

    we r still in the friend zone so pls i need more tips on being attractive and interesting