10 Ways To Be More Interesting To Women

One of the most common questions I get from men is this…

“Tripp. How can I attract a high quality woman?”

And the answer I usually give is this…

“By becoming a more interesting man.”  

Today, I’m going to give you 10 ways to make yourself a more interesting man. Use this as a reference you come back to  you want to work on building a more attractive lifestyle.

If you follow just a few of these ideas, I guarantee you’ll become much more interesting and attractive to women – especially the high quality ones.

1. Learn How To Cook Your Favorite Dish

Women find men who cook extremely sexy because they are few and far between.

It takes a lot of time to be a good cook in general, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to master one dish. Think of your favorite food in the world. Is it steak? Pasta? Sushi? Whatever your favorite dish is, I want you to dive in and learn how to make it in the most delicious way possible.

Really go for it too. How can you make it fancier? Can you add certain spices you wouldn’t normally use? Can you add a crust to the steak? Can you use homemade pasta for your Italian dish? I want to help you out and recommend a book called The Food Lab.

This book will teach you how to craft the best version of almost any type of dish and will help you master your one meal.

2. Travel To A Continent You’ve Never Been To 

A man that has been across the world has many interesting stories to tell. These are stories that you can share with any girl you meet.

Why do I say continent? Because I want to jolt your existence.

Traveling far outside of your regular environment will take you through adventures and transform you into a different person. Anyone who has ever traveled far (myself included) has learned a lot about themselves.

You change. You start to see the world differently. You appreciate the small things in life. For many people, it can be totally life changing.

It’s these thoughts, lessons and ideas that you’ll gain from your travels that will make you into a more interesting man to the girls you talk to.

3. Take A Salsa Dance Class

If you can dance, your sexiness meter goes up at least 5 notches. When women see a man that can dance, they automatically assume that he’s good in bed. Why? Because there’s a lot of intimate movements in dancing, especially in salsa.

Salsa dancing is a very popular type of dancing. When you can salsa, you can use it at dance clubs, teach a woman you’re dating how to do it, and even meet new women from your salsa class.

With the power of salsa, your options will be endless. And when a woman knows that you can move your body, she will want to move hers alongside yours.

4. Be Well Informed On Current Events

Keeping up to date on current events, politics, sports, science, culture, and technology is important for holding meaningful conversations with girls.

When you’re always in the know, whenever somebody brings up a topic, you can easily chime in and share your thoughts and opinions. Read the news and popular blogs to stay up to date on the important stuff going on in the world.

One of the best sites to do this is The Week. This website will give you a super quick breakdown of what’s going on in the world and keep you in the know.

When you take 5 minutes to check out that site everyday, you’ll have an arsenal of interesting things to talk about with people that you meet. And you’ll be able to hold conversations with girls and never run out of things to say.

5. Wear One Piece Of Artistic Expression

This idea can come in many forms. The way you present yourself can say a lot of interesting things about you.

Do you have any tattoos? Do you wear glasses you bought from Europe? Are you always sporting the latest fashion trends?

Expressing yourself in a unique way will attract women to you because you stand out from the crowd. And it makes you a more interesting person because there’s always going to be a story behind the way you’re expressing yourself.

For example, below is one of my favorite necklaces made out of mala beads. Not many guys wear this piece and girls always ask me about it; what it is, where I got it, and the story that goes with it.

male bead necklace

Some other ideas are: tattoos, hats, glasses, jackets, shirts, pants, rings, jewelry, shoes or piercings. Take some time to do a little bit of research and try on what feels right to you.

6. Go On A Local Adventure 

We already talked about travel. But what about doing something interesting where you live right now?

No matter where you’re from, I’m willing to bet that there is a special event you haven’t been to or an area of interest that you haven’t explored yet.

Become a tourist in your own city and find something in your town that you find interesting and have never done before. Every major city has nearly endless options of culture, entertainment and events. Pick one and go for it.

Happen to live in a small town? Take a short drive to the next neighboring town and explore the unknown.

Listen, there are no rules here! My job here is to inspire you to do something different, to go on more adventures and to get out of your usual routine.

That’s what makes a man truly interesting to women. The excitement in trying new and different things.

7. Take An Art Class

Art comes in many different forms: painting, photography, music, drawing, building, crafting and much more.

If you can take on just one of the aforementioned as a hobby, you will already stand out among the rest of the men out there who just sit around and watch TV all day.

Branch out and create a new project for yourself.

Pick up a new instrument and play the songs you like to hear. Buy a camera and learn photography. Learn how to build a piece of furniture. Take singing lessons. Take a metalworking class. Learn how to make kombucha. Take a glassblowing class.

Want more options? Check out this page that contains almost every type of hobby you can think of:


8. Ask A Girl A “Unique” Question

One day, a girl told me I was interesting. And this confused me because we were only talking for about an hour and I didn’t say a thing about myself! I even called her out on it.

I asked her, “How is that possible? You don’t even know a thing about me.” She laughed and realized I was right.

But I prodded because I wanted to know exactly what made her feel that way. Finally, she said “Because you ask really unique questions”.

One thing that can make a person interesting is the way they listen and get to know someone. If you know how to ask powerful questions that challenge a girl or make her think in a new way, she will think the conversation is interesting and project that on to you!

So when you’re getting to know a girl, don’t bother with asking the same old questions that every other guy asks her like “What do you do for a living? Where are you from?” etc. You’ll get to those eventually.

Instead, ask interesting questions like “If you could be anywhere right now where would it be?” or “When was the last time you laughed so hard you almost peed?” People love answering those type of questions.

When she tells you about something she loves to do, ask her “What’s that like?”

Try and get her to answer from her emotional side rather than her logical side. When you can get a girl to express her feelings about a certain subject, she will have a visceral reaction in the moment that you’re having with her.

And that’s pretty powerful stuff, man.

9. Read A Self-Improvement Book

Now, I’m a little biased because I teach and coach in the area of personal development. However, reading a book about becoming a better person will help you grow and turn you into a more interesting human being.

One example is the highly popular book “How To Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. This book is packed with interesting tidbits of information and nuggets of wisdom. The more you learn, the more interesting you and your conversations will become.

And not only will you learn and benefit from this, but you can go on and share your new found wisdom with others. Teaching and sharing this type of information will make you a much more interesting and compelling person to talk to.

Reading the latest headlines from the news is a good start, but let’s get you diving into new topics that pique your interest. If you don’t know where to start then grab Dale Carnegie’s book. I promise, you will enjoy it because it talks about concepts similar to what I’m talking about right now.

10. Be A “Yes” Man

The over arching theme I’m speaking about here is to simply “do stuff”.

An interesting person has a well rounded character, has had many experiences throughout their life and can share information through their stories. Everything in this post will help you do that.

The best advice I can give you is to say “yes” to as many new experiences as you can. When you say “yes” you offer yourself a whole new experience and an opportunity to add to your life story.

Get off your couch. Do more. Explore. Go places. Experience life. You only have one.

Now go live it.

You don’t need to do everything on this list to be more interesting. There’s a lot here and if you try to do them all, you’ll probably get overwhelmed.

My advice for you is to pick just a few at a time and start changing your lifestyle. If you can knock out more than half of this list, then you’re well on your way.

The whole point is this, to stand out from all the average guys who don’t have the desire nor the motivation to work hard and become somebody awesome and different.

When you make yourself more interesting to women, you will live a more fulfilled life. This list will get you started.

  • Dancing has definitely helped me out in meeting women and it’s a lot of fun! The most important thing is to have fun, but if you know how to dance as well, then she will be all over you.

    • Hey Will. Couldn’t agree more. Women love a man that can dance.

  • Kyrie Quijano

    These things only work if done without any intention of attracting women. Only douchebags go out of their way to impress girls. Being interesting is just a byproduct of being self-motivated and having a LIFE!

    • Hi Kyrie. Good points. However, they also work with the intention of meeting girls. And they work even better with a positive attitude.

  • sukesh1805

    how to know whether a girl likes me???

    • When you ask her out, she says….Yes.

      • acing odo

        what is the right way to ask her out ?

        • Ask her what her schedule is like, then ask if she would like to do something on one of the spots that she’s available.

  • Mubu Nair

    Hey Tripp. I am a college student. I have huge crush on a girl. She is not in my class. I never talked to her before. One day I was gonna talk to her, but I came to know that she has a boyfriend in her town (250 Km from College and she’s with him since last 4 years). I couldn’t talk to her that day. I still feel attracted to that girl. Should I approach her? Need advice.. I am confused..

    • No, you should not approach a girl who has a boyfriend. Good luck with college.

  • Sky

    what should i do, if the girl i like and me are trying to making out but the girl get stuck in work every time at time of meeting each other and every time she is ready to go out when i ask….

    • What do you mean? Ask your question again.

  • Sherwin

    How about my girlfriend, I ask her out but she wont say yes. We’ve never been date once Because she is married. What should I do to make her want me, and date with me.?

    • I think you might have better luck if you asked out a single girl.

  • arwin ari

    OK how about this I like a but very time I try to talk to her she just ignore me what and how should I do

    • Stop trying to talk to girls that ignore you. Talk to girls who like to listen and talk back.

  • Skolsuperbowl

    Hey Tripp, I’m a follicaly challenged 29 year old guy who recently took the dive and buzzed my hair off. I officially had my first hard rejection due to this last weekend and it stung like no other. Can you cover the topic of gaming/attraction/confidence for bald dudes on your podcast? I need some reassurance that this isn’t a death sentence for my love life and I think it would be extremely valuable to many others guys as well. Thanks.

    • Hey man. Thanks for the idea but I probably won’t do that because there’s nothing you need to do differently than any other guy who is trying to get better with women. Being bald is so common today that there’s no need to do something extraordinary or special or different to attract and date women. What exactly happened with that rejection? Was it really “due to this”? Remember, the way YOU feel about something is the way others will feel about it as well. Go to work on that, your mindset. And if being fully bald still bothers you that much, then go back to what it was before and start from there.

    • ToolMan

      Hey Skolsuperbowl, in my opinion the biggest things girls see is confidence. But if we’re going to talk about things girls can actually see then going bald is not the end of the world, it sucks that you’re going bald but sometimes in life you just have “roll with with the punches” and embrace it. Look at male actors like Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Bruce Willis they all have pattern baldness and they are still going out and kicking ass not to mention chicks still think they’re ‘hot’ !! Say for example if a guy is overweight, has nothing interesting going on in his life and is bald then the total package kind of stinks. But if a guy is in good shape , he has interesting going on in his life but he is bald the bald part of the package can be easily overlooked. My ex had a great personality, was in good shape, we both had similar interests like snowboarding, hiking etc but she had small tits and I love girls with big tits but we still dated anyway as I over looked it because the rest of the package was top notch. Hope this helps.

  • Kay

    Hi Tripp

    I have a problem what do I say when a girl say where are your friend. Thanks.

  • Kay

    Hi Tripp

    I have a problem what do I say or what would you say when a girl say where are your friends. Thanks.

  • Zeejet

    Hey Tripp, great article (although I’m a bit late to this). I’ve been considering dance classes (I am incredibly self-conscience and very uncomfortable with dancing, which is another great reason to do it and get out of my comfort zone).

    Unfortunately, I’ve sort of convinced myself to stay away from things like dance and yoga where women might perceive male participants as creepy and only there to pick up women. This wouldn’t be too far from the truth either since a large part of learning to dance for is to be more comfortable/confident with women. What’s your take on this?

    • Congratulations on getting out of your comfort zone and doing something new. Don’t worry about what other people may or may not think. Don’t project your insecurities onto other people. There is nothing wrong with joining classes to meet new people. Do you think when a woman joins a gym to maybe meet a guy that she is being “creepy”? Enjoy the classes, make new friends and stop worrying.

  • Suraj Kumar

    thank you tripp

  • Greg

    Hey Tripp! How do I ask a girl to join me for a cup of coffee even if I don’t know her very well?
    BTW keep up the good work. This is really a doable list, and I’ve bought my Dale Carnegie. Thanks man for everything you’re doing.

    • Hi Greg. If you don’t know her very well, then you’re setting yourself up for a higher chance of getting rejected. So keep that in mind and also that the more steps you take in between meeting her and asking her out, the higher your chances of success. With that being said, the way you ask a girl to grab a coffee with you when you don’t know her very well, is just simply ask. You have to be bold and go for it. It’s better if you took the time to get to know her, but if circumstances prevent then, then you just have to go for it and say “I know we just met, but I like your energy and was wondering if you’d like to have a coffee with me sometime.”

      • Greg

        Thanks 🙂

      • Jake

        Hey Tripp,
        Just getting into your stuff now and loving it.

        You wrote, “the more steps you take in between meeting her and asking her out, the higher your chances of success.” This raises a question for me.

        How do you take more steps to build attraction before “the ask”, and still avoid getting caught in the friend zone? I have a situation right now where im pursuing someone from my friend group (who was previously only an acquaintance), by inviting her to progressively more exclusive outings/events and trying to build attraction (via T.E.D., only using texting to set up an in person meeting, etc., etc.). In your experience, what is the upper limit to this approach? I.e. how long can you try to take steps before it becomes counter-productive and you need to just make “the ask”?

        • Hi Jake. You take more steps in building attraction with a girl before asking her out by doing all the things I teach everyday on making yourself more attractive to women, connecting through conversation, spiking emotions through humor, flirting with her, leading the interaction, not being needy, etc, etc. There are many things you can do to get a girl attracted to you to the point where asking her to do something is the next natural step.

          If you ever feel that asking a girl out on a date is a gamble, then you didn’t do enough to get her attracted and need to go back to the drawing board, go over the basics, practice your game, and take more chances by putting yourself out there more often.

  • Sam

    Hey trip I know love a girl n I am talking with her since 1 yr I don’t understand about her anything whether she loves me or not what should I do

    • If you’ve been talking to this girl for a year and you don’t know how she feels about you, then she is not interested in you. One week is the maximum length of time for knowing if a girl likes you or not. One year is too late. Meet a new girl and don’t wait a year to find out.

      • Sam

        But I love her soooo much I can’t go for another one

        • Sam

          N one truth is I never talked to her face to face

        • Sam

          N one truth is I never talked to her face to face
          U just tell me what can I do to make her interested in me

          • Sam

            Hey trip please help me out
            Yesterday she told me that I don’t make misunderstanding that she talks te means she like me n all

          • Talk to her. Do it.

          • Talk to her.

  • Matt

    Hey Tripp! I have been talking to this girl for over a month on and off and finally decided to ask her out on a date.Should I bring this girl flowers on the first date and if I should what kind should they be?

    • Hi Matt. Obviously you’re a newbie, so I suggest you start with my playlist on Youtube called “First Date Advice Series”. Good luck.

      • Matt


  • Alexander

    Hi, Tripp! My name is Alexander, and I am a high school student, who often comes off as the “white nerdy kid” and is having difficulty navigating the dating world. Now, I do know I am nerdy, and love it, woudn’t change it. But i’ve been wanting to ask out this REALLY pretty girl that i’ve fallen in love with, but I don’t really know how to ask. She doesn’t know me all that well, all though we sorta met at a football game that didn’t go well, and I want a do-over with her. But every time I want to make a move, I just lock up. How can I overcome this, and come off as a great guy to be around, date, or even have sex with. I also want to know how I can add this really nerdy side of me to the more attractive side of me? Thanks! (plz respond ASAP! I want to make a move soon.)

  • Tarumbidzwa Vinga

    hello tripp..how are you..your teachings helped me get a beatiful gal..Iam from Zimbabwe and am a big fan of you..but there is one thing I think you are not dwelling much upon and this issue is about neediness..I think neediness is killing man’s chances of getting laid and its one of the main reasons why. Could you please do more videos discussing this issue..I feel there are other guys out there who are in the darkness and need your help..Its not for me only..But for other guys as well.

    • Actually, there’s lots of videos on the topic of neediness already. Type “needy” in the search bar and you’ll find them all.

  • John Marshall

    Hi Tripp I am confused. I am 61 & I am attracting women under the age of thirty. Are they after another daddy? Do they want the experience of being with a mature experienced man? I expect most younger women want a man near the same age. But it seems when I begin communicating with many young women they go weak at the knees. Sadly I am not available for a relationship with them. What do you think of younger women’s attraction for older men?

    • It could be for a number of reasons. Every woman is different so you won’t know until you get to know her.

  • Yung Fantas P

    Hi Tripp . I got a crush on a girl in our class. She’s quiet and rarely talks to boys . Every time I wanna talk to her i get very nervous and start sweating. Please help ! What should I do?

    • Learn how to overcome your fear by listening to the live show I do every week called “How to be Fearless” on Facebook and Youtube @4pm PST. Hope to see you there.

      • Yung Fantas P

        Heyy Tripp how are you? I juss wanna thank you for your tips and advice because they have really helped me a lot. Its been 4 months since I started watching your videos and putting what you said into practise and it seem to work more than I expected. I’m really grateful for you and your work. Keep doing what you’re doing.

        • You’re welcome. Good job on making progress. Keep it up!

  • Basit Khan

    tripp suggest me self development books or novel that can help me. i`m 20 year old

    • “How to make friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie.

  • EDP445

    Hey Tripp, I was out talking to a couple of girls in a bar and when I was talking to one girl in particular my friend immediately cut into the conversation I was having with the girl… From what I could tell she was immediately interested in what my friend had to say. In the end I just left them to talk to each other and I need help with this situation.