How To Attract A Girl On A First Date

I want to share with you something a little bit different.

Usually, I write a blog post full of tips and techniques that you get to read, learn from and apply.

Today, I have a highly valuable audio recording of a coaching session that I just did with a student. He gave me permission to share it with you because he was blown away by the value of it.

In this coaching session, my student tells me that he has a first date lined up with a beautiful girl and he doesn’t want to blow it. And who does right?

Well during the call, I go over every step of how to succeed on a first date, from texting her to saying goodbye and everything in between.

You are going to learn exactly what to do on a date to get a girl super attracted to you and wanting to see you again.

There’s a bunch of powerful techniques in here that are going to make you way more interesting and attractive on your next date!

  • Nice format. Always good to get information in different ways. I agree that getting drinks is better than dinner for a first date because it sets the right mood. I always sit next to a girl regardless of where we are so I can touch her easily.

    • Tripp

      Thanks Will! That’s a great idea.

    • Thank you for the insightful contribution Will!

  • Tim Hisey

    I like the idea of going out for drinks on the first date but what if you don’t drink? I don’t drink alcohol, should I still meet her at the bar?

    • You can meet there and have a non-alcoholic beverage or you can meet her somewhere for coffee or somewhere else that doesn’t serve alcohol. Your options are limitless when you take the time to think about it.

  • George Kassim

    i learned a lot the emotional way of telling a story…. I am not much of an emotional guy..

    • Glad to hear you learned a lot. Now go and practice to make it a natural skill. Good luck George.

  • Londiny Belizaire

    Hello from Spain, what about if I met her at a party, had a date in a park but there was no action or touching. Althought we laughed a lot I’m not sure if she’s attracted to me. But we are having a second date in a more intimate place, should I go for a kiss o touch her “that way” ?
    We don’t text too much because I don’t want to annoy her. I’m not used to metting after the party.
    I have to pay for an answer ?

    • Hello Londiny. You’ll probably want to wait until you know that she’s attracted to you before going in for a kiss or touching her. I have videos teaching how to tell. Feel free to watch them. Good luck.

      • Londiny Belizaire

        Thank you sir

  • Renato Chacón

    Hello From Mexico, Three days ago a friend introduced me to a friend of his girlfriend, we have been talking through messages and I intend to do as a double date, and another thing she lives in another state where I live, what should I do?

    • Renato Chacón

      And P.S. any advice about how should i communicate through messages

      • Check out my playlist on youtube called “How to text girls”.

    • What should you do about what? You told me your situation and what you intend to do, so do it. Apply what I teach everyday about making yourself attractive and leading the interaction and when you have a challenge then come back for more answers.

  • Daniel B

    Hey Tripp, I’m Daniel from Colombia, first I gotta thank you because when I broke up with the girl I was with since highschool I didn’t really know how to talk to girls, now I met this girl and got her number, asked her out and she said yes, we went out, had fun, laughed a lot, but when I went for the kiss she didn’t want it. What should I do next? ask her out again?
    Thank you in advance

    • Daniel, if you like her, sure you can ask her out again. Why not? Just because she didn’t want to kiss you on a first date? All girls are different. Just because she didn’t kiss you when you went for it, doesn’t necessarily mean she isn’t interested in you. Maybe she likes to go slow, maybe she wasn’t feeling it, maybe it wasn’t the right time. Who knows? Don’t over think it and try to go at her pace.

  • Ayush Sharma

    Hey, i am a school boy 17 yrs old… I am Indian… I have a crush on a girl but i she sometimes shows interest in me but sometimes just ignores me… Can u please tell me what so i do???… Plss…

  • android gamin

    we r still in the friend zone so pls i need more tips on being attractive and interesting

    • More tips being shared everyday.

  • John

    Hey Tripp there is this girl that I met on POF she is 3 years older than me and I managed to get her number , we started texting back and forth, and we actually planned a date for this weekend, but since Friday I get this feeling that she is less interested, I mean she replies but it is not natural. I just wanna text her today, but I have no idea what I should text her so that she feels happy to reply. I feel like only one text can change this whole negative vibe.

  • bilal

    hey tripp it bill from Virginia theres this girl who first said she wanted to be friends but I worked up to her facetimiing me latenight and agreed to go to the movies with me horror movie she said she wanted to watch so my friend told me she usually gives a blow job to who she dates so when I asked her she said she was tryna stop the hoe stuff so when I said we can be together she said maybe I’m taking her to the movies on Tuesday but it seems sometimes she gets idk if its creeped or borded but when I say like gooey love stuff she says I said maybe or hmmk I asked for nudes the other day she said she don’t like sending them and then she said its better to see it real life so I said ooh ok I see you she said I’m just sayin that was a maybe and after th movies I atleast want a blowjob or a kiss but I don’t really know how toget her in that mood please its on Tuesday ireally need your help its gotten to the point where I’m looking at horoscopes and love horoscopes I feel stupid I neeed help in how toget her to like it when she text me or heat up the conversation without gettingat the point where she stops it I want her to like it and be interested when she talks to me and I want to make that tension and know what to say because most times I mess up the mood by what I saywere going to the mall on Tuesday so I need all of your help to get her love me on tueday please I need your help its the closest ive gotten to having a hot girl I like so please I’m in 9th grade so is she I need your help I’m begging

    • My young friend, you have a lot of growing up to do. Do that first and then we’ll talk. Good luck.

    • Jay Stump

      You should be begging because you definitely need help. Have you ever watched the movie Hitch?

  • Shrikant

    Hey Tripp from india..a girl always smile when she look at me..I like her. But how I confirm that she also likes me. She is just 19 a school girl and I’m 23

    • By her eye contact, body language and the things she says to you. I have videos on my Youtube channel that go more in depth on each of these. Good luck.

  • Raj

    This is raj from India! !! Am planning to take hooked program by paying 62 dollor .. is this certificate course!!!!!

    2nd doubt . After paying fee will you provide me any material’s and video ….

  • Raj

    I would like to take certificate course .. kindly let kn fee and etc

  • Big Ross

    hey trip, i like a girl . i took her out once , we both enjoyed it , she was open with me. She actively chat with me , but whenever i try to ask her out again she always flakes out. what should i do now?

    • Give her some space to breathe. Girls don’t like it when you pressure them to see you again.

      • Oscar Hurtado Gónzalez

        Same trouble here… but how long should we wait to ask her out again.. and how much space give her?

  • Dan

    hey tripp, I am a 4th year pharmacy student who met a 3rd year pharmacy student from a different school. We talked for a day, exchanged numbers, and didn’t talk for 2 months. I text her out of the blue and asked her to hang out since I was coming by town. (I live 1 hr away) We met up last Saturday. We went to brunch, coffee, the mall, went to her house and cooked, then did karaoke. She had already scheduled to meet with her best female friend, so all 3 of us hang out that weekend.

    I greeted her with a hug and was pretty forward with her. We had a really fun day. She reciprocated and throughout the day, told me things like “I watched season 1 of (random netflix show) with my ex boyfriend. I don’t have anyone to watch season 2 with!” “We should go hiking or go to a waterpark.” She was flirting with me by playing with my hair, my wrist accessories, and even told me that she liked me near the end of the meet-up.

    When we were cooking dinner together, her friend left us alone for over an hour. (I guess her friend was trying to give us alone time…?)

    Anyway, I fucked up because I didn’t expect this to move forward so quickly. Our hang-out turned into a date somewhere half-way and I didn’t realize it turned into a date. I thought it was still a casual hang-out. I didn’t respond appropriately when she said she liked me. Honestly in my point of view, she made it clear to me that she was interested, but I didn’t make it clear enough that I was into her.

    That hang-out ends and I say that I had lots of fun and I want to see her again. She didn’t do anything while we were singing karaoke because she was probably disappointed.

    I text her Sunday and Monday. She responds and we have very brief conversations. At this point, I don’t really want to text anymore since I suck at it. I just want to set up another date with her this weekend. I wanted your advice on this.

    I send her a text her Tuesday night and wait. She finally responds at 11PM. I wait 1 minute, then give her a call. She doesn’t pick up. I call again in 10 minutes. No response. I open facebook messanger and it shows she’s been active on facebook messanger the whole time. I know she sees my attempts to contact her but she doesn’t respond until a long time later.

    This morning, she finally sends me a text asking why I called her last night. And here I am now. How should I ask her out on a date? Via text or via phone call? We honestly are just sending each other mixed signals and I just want to see her again to make my intentions clear with her.

    Thanks, Tripp!!!!!

    • You might want to try telling her that you had a good time with her last time so she remembers how she had fun with you too. And when she does, then ask if she would like to do something again. But you may want to wait before doing that because you’re acting really needy right now (waiting by the phone for her text to come in, counting the minutes that go by, wondering what’s wrong, all needy actions. etc) which usually leads to the girl losing attraction and running away.

      • Dan

        Thanks for the response, Tripp. I took a break from talking to her for a week and just hit her up again today. I’ll ask her on a date again soon. Your videos are a great help!

        • Good job and good luck. (One las thing; one week is not a long time for a break. That’s almost like saying “I didn’t call her for over 15 minutes. Is it ok to call her now?”)

  • ronaldoh

    hey Tripp,,,,,i met up with this girl at work and we walk together after work and she has a guy and she never talks about the the guy when shes around me and i told her about how i feel about her but its been a month now shes telling shes thinking about it

    • Ok. Do you have a question?

  • Navneet Moriya

    Hey Tripp , first I am gonna thank you a lot for all those videos . They actually help me improve my personality a lot . I have a crush on a girl in my coaching .I talk with her regularly , but I am not sure whether she is interested or not . Probably she have never been in relationship (as she says) and is hesitent to be in .Problem is I don’t have time to go in natural pace . Give me some suggestion . I am 26 , and I have never been with a girl . This is making me desperate and many times I feel really bad at this . At same time I also have to perform in studies . Help me with some advice to strike a balance .

    • Hello Navneet. To find out if she’s interested, try talking to her. If she stays in the conversation and helps it keep going, then she might be. If she doesn’t continue the conversation or makes an excuse to leave it, then she probably isn’t. Also, fix your feeling of being desperate by taking control of your mind and focusing it on other things and people. Feeling desperate will ruin your chances with any girl. Good luck.

  • Rafiq Oussama

    hi tripadvice i watched ur video from a long time and finaly i did found a girl and we will date together in saturday im now so nervous like im 19 years old and vergin but im in morroco so its normal people lost virginity in like this ages so if you have tilme dude i can show you the disscussion and say me if i need to go or its just friendzone pls ?

    • Look up my videos on first dates. They’ll help you prepare and not be so nervous. Good luck.

  • Shawnzy codinero

    Hey tripp, She says she’s not a big fan of dates what should i do?, i like her?

    • That means she’s not interested in going on a date with you. When this happens you simply pick yourself up and try again. This apples even if you like her.

  • Fungai Lostlight

    hey tripp there is a girl i have been chatting with. when i try to flirt or compliment her she stops texting back what should i do??..

    • Learn how to attract girls and try again with a different one.

  • Felix

    Hey Tripp, in the audio you mentioned a special handshake technique. Hovewer without video its hard to understand. Is there a youtube video with demonstration? Thanks!

    • Hi Felix. There’s not a video with that specific technique but there are two videos that I think you’ll like even better. They’re called “4 places to touch a girl for the first time” and “where to touch a girl before you kiss her”. Good luck.

  • Harsh Gaurav

    Hey Tripp,

    Could you please help me in getting on a call with you to discuss my situation.
    Gist: I am in love with a girl older to me and have been pursuing her for more than an year and want to get married to her. If you could help me with this, I’ll be grateful for life?

    • You can apply for 1-1 coaching here ► Or hop on one of the live calls I do every Wed at 7:30pm Central and we can talk there too.